New RPG Podcast that is edited and clean

Snow Fight

Hello ,
My brother, friends, and I launched a new RPG podcast called d4 on the Floor. We can be found on almost any podcast app and our website Our website also has a map, and some documents about the rich world my brother has created.

The podcast is edited and clean. It is about a fantasy realm that has two conflicting religions, the Lucites (Whose Holy Symbol is a lit sword, and who wants heavy regulations on magic.) and the Pyrians (Whose Holy Symbol is a blunderbuss, and who has no rules or regulations).

The campaign starts with a group discovering that Noc, the God of Night, appears to have a plan to return to the realm

Let me know what you think.

Also, if I am not allowed to post this let me know. I am not meaning to Spam people, I am just exciting about sharing our creative outlet.