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Well, that was fun
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I have just uploaded O.L.D. v1.2 Playtest Version to the downloads area.

This is the near-final version of OLD v1.2. It's here for proofreading purposes. Please take a look and report any errata in below. In particular, we're looking for legacy v1.1 references, but also any other errors you might spot. There are many changes throughout, including but not limited to:
  • Some races have changed, and new races are added
  • 10 new magical careers
  • New origins
  • v1.2 conditions replaces status tracks
  • Many small alterations to the magic system (no skill prereqs, 1 action to cast, altered range/duration etc. table, and more)
This won't be here for long. Enjoy!

You can find the file here in the downloads section. Please use this thread for comments.
Thanks for sharing this, it is interesting to look at the changes made since 1.1.

One 1.1-ism I've seen in my brief first look is in the Clockfolk's "Clockwork" exploit, which says they cannot have a LUC pool. The mechanoid races in NEW 1.2 (including the Clockman race in the brand new GSC) do get LUC pools, but are prevented from spending those dice on attribute checks. Presumably that means they can still spend them on other stuff in the Luck section, like taking an extra action on a turn or canceling out enemy dice.

The table of Racial Attribute modifiers on page 21 mixes up blank spaces with dashes when there is no modifier. It looks like the new rows and columns have blanks, while the rows and columns that were on the table in 1.1 use dashes.

Another issue (which was also in 1.1, it's a self contradiction, not a 1.1 vs 1.2 update thing) is on page 31, where under the "Repeating careers" heading it says you can't repeat origins, but below (in the same column) it says you can repeat your origin but once you leave it you can't go back.

This isn't necessarily an issue, but the OLD version of the Assassin career remains fairly different than the Assassin from NEW (with slightly different stats and very different exploits). The OLD version is probably stronger, which may not be a bad thing.

It looks like a deliberate choice was made for the magical careers to not require magical secrets as prerequisites (as some did in 1.1). But since some of the formerly required secrets are hard to gain, you may end up with silly situations like Necromancers without the Secret of Undead, Diabolists without the Secret of Evil (or Demons), or Fire Mages without the Secret of Fire. None of their career exploits grant those secrets. It would be good to have a way to get them from the career!

The Dart In universal exploit appears to have a typo. Its last sentence should probably say "nor" instead of "not".

Not an error, but perhaps a slightly repetitive bit of phrasing: "for good or ill" is used in both the Flamboyant trait and the very similar Well Known trait (both come from high REP). I also miss the old bonus to Feints that Flamboyant gave in previous books (but I can understand if it was deliberately replaced, as it was not very powerful).

Some armors seem to have mistaken (or just confusing) defense penalties. Platemail is categorized as Heavy armor, but has a defense penalty of only -2, while an Iron Breastplate is Medium by gets a -4. On the Eastern Armor table, Lamellar cuirass is called light but has a -4 defense penalty. If these are deliberate deviations from the normal rules (which are restated on the page before the first table), then that should probably be mentioned in the item descriptions.

Some pricing quibbles: Shields are massively overpriced, gauntlets are massively underpriced. There's no reason a medium wooden shield should be ten times the cost of articulated gauntlets (which give exactly the same defense bonus, with no downsides like needing a free arm or reducing your speed). Completely flipping the cost scaling between the two item categories would make a ton of sense to me (good gauntlets should be extremely expensive since they've got lots of small pieces that need to be made very precisely, while even very nice shields should be fairly cheap, far less than even fairly basic armor). Helms are probably also underpriced, but not as badly as gauntlets. All shields, especially the metal ones are also much too heavy (an Aspis is probably somewhere between 15 and 25 lbs, not 50 or 100).

The Contingency general enhancement says it requires ranks of divination skill, which seems to go against the trend of removing skill prerequisites.

Not a change from 1.1, but I still feel Creation is extremely unclear about how item values are limited. The rules as currently written seem to imply the whole spell's MP cost can be used to determine the value limit. Since a creation that doesn't last any time is pretty silly, the MP spent on duration would let you get very high-value items for very few MP (and using Create Metal to get very mastercraft or better armor would run Abjuration out of business). I think the paragraph describing the cost limits needs be replaced. I'd suggest moving it into the description of the Create Object effect, where you can describe its variable MP cost as either based on the created object's size (from the AOE table) or on the value of the object (1 MP per 300 gc, rounded up), whichever cost is greater. (Or I may be misunderstanding the rule still, as the Pocket Armory pre-made spell seems to pay for both value and area rather than only the larger of them.) The Transform Element effect seems like it is supposed to work this way, and despite using only a few words to describe its MP costs and value limits it is much less confusing than Creation. Elemental Object can probably be simplified too, as its MP cost is just double the equivalent Create Object cost.

The Inevitability spell still lists a skill level (affliction 10) though level prerequisites are gone.
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Some Table of Contents errors;

- There's no such thing as a Villager origin in the chapter proper.
- The Archmage career is missing on the ToC.


Missing Page reference:

p38 Footnote says

"The cleric presented here selects only from the Good and Evil
virtues, along with any other secrets which form part of her
god’s portfolio. Other virtues do exist (see the sidebar on page
XX), but this career assumes only those two. For divine portfolios,
see Appendix A."


Well, that was fun
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Ah yes; please ignore Page XX references. Those are placeholders awaiting the final final edit (even minor edits can change page numbers).


Typo p219

"Spellblaster (requires END 8+; evocation 6+). YYou are very skilled at dealing out magical damage."


Well, that was fun
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Just another couple pf days before this goes away, folks. I see we have 101 downloads now. Looking forward to the other 98 folks' comments! :)


Straight up I think that the spell skill prerequisite was a huge boon to the magic system getting rid of it can totally ruin party balance at higher levels
Some clarification as to weather exploits that say the target gains a status is that the same as "inflict" in that the status can stack up to the second level
list of those exploits:
(sticky fire, Turn Undead, Maniacal Cackle, Torturous Curses -Craven Coward, Bear Hug, Blinding Attack, Trip)

Secondly with
Vampiric touch the phrase "Whenever you use your Touch of the Grave" does that override the once a day limit of healing effects


Not sure if you are troubleshooting bookmarks as much since those can be fixed after print issues are done:

Clicking on the Elements of Magic Bookmark does not take you to the front of that section like clicking on the other major sections does.

There are separate bookmarks labeled as each Chapter and each Chapter Title. But they are not on the same tier and go to the same place. They should likely be consolidated and changed to "Chapter XX: Chapter Title".


It looks like a deliberate choice was made for the magical careers to not require magical secrets as prerequisites (as some did in 1.1). But since some of the formerly required secrets are hard to gain, you may end up with silly situations like Necromancers without the Secret of Undead, Diabolists without the Secret of Evil (or Demons), or Fire Mages without the Secret of Fire. None of their career exploits grant those secrets. It would be good to have a way to get them from the career!
Arcane Secret is a Universal Exploit. Anytime you can take an Exploit from a Career you can chose to take a Universal Exploit instead. I forgot this a LOT when first making magical characters. I actually still find it easier to to build them backwards from what I want them to be to make sure I get everything I want.

Arcane Secret (requires LOG 4+). You have learned or discovered an arcane secret—an element, creature type, or virtue. You can take this exploit multiple times, learning a new secret each time, but you may know no more secrets than your LOG attribute.


Silver Pennies

Index p339 lists
silver pennies............................................................... 62
Page 62 doesn't have the word "silver" anywhere on it. It is probably supposed to be p72 which has the entry for Money.

Appendix F Tavern Meals and Drinks list cost as "sc", which I assume is supposed to be Silver Coins (as opposed to"gc" Gold Coins). But page 72 "Wealth and Gold" lists the Silver Penny designation as "sp".


Status Track instead of Conditions

Appendix E: Brightblade Dungeon

3a, 3b. Latrines
Though long disused, there is a repellent stench here—anybody entering the latrines must make a Difficult [16]
END check or be pushed one step down the Nausea status track.


Pluralization should probably be singular

5. Hall of Statues
This room is lined with ancient statues. One of them is a living statues which attacks intruders on sight.
It is unclear what the duration of non-instantaneous cantrips is currently supposed to be: on one hand, p. 173 says that basic spells (cantrips) have a 1 round duration. OTOH, every single non-instantaneous cantrip listed on p. 177, as well as in the description of the corresponding magic skill, is stated to have a one minute duration. Does cantrip duration start at one minute unlike other spells? Or is it just a leftover from the 1.1 pdf?

Moreover, I would like to know what the rationale was in ditching skill prerequisites, as this greatly devalues investing in magic skills for most non-offensive purposes. To elaborate:
  • there is no gameplay benefit at all in taking points in the healing skill, since it never requires a roll;
  • there are only very marginal benefits in taking points in the creation skill, as rolls using that skill only come into play when trying to cause a condition by creating light or sound.
  • many self-buffs suddenly become universally available to anyone who has a sufficiently high MAG stat. This includes, but is not limited to:

    • shielding and withstanding from the abjuration skill;
    • various acceleration effects as well as ghost touch (and phasing) from the displacement skill;
    • the entirety of the infusion skill;
    • most enhancements for the movement skill.


Page 41.
Fiery Affinity. Your focus on fire grants you +1d6 to any attribute check which interacts with fire or heat.


Page 43.
Healer's Cure Wound and Mass Heal exploits do no specify that creature can only benefit from their effects once per day, unlike all other sources of healing.


Page 51.
Prison Tough. You are mentally and physically toughened. Each time you take this exploit you gain a permanent +1 bonus to all four of your Defense scores. You may repeat this exploit.