Questions about 'Infiltration' Special Quest

Skarn Rapajya

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Stefan, I'm posting this here since tOgc's website doesn't appear to be available any more.

When starting the Infiltration quest, at what point does the Random Encounter Turn Tracker kick in?

1> As soon as the first person breaks out of their bonds and starts moving to the door to try and break out?

2> Once somebody breaks free AND opens the door?

3> Something else?

I'm wondering because if it isn't the Rogue who escapes their bonds first, trying to bash down the door ten times before the Rogue gets another Escape Artist check will make a LOT of noise. (I had this happen in a party with a Swashbuckler.)

Another consideration would be is there a key for everybody elses shackles? If so, would it be on the wall inside the cell, or just outside the door?

Or to phrase that last part another way, once the door is opened does the entire party line up behind the door free of their bonds and ready to go?

Finally, is the space outside the door automatically a corridor? I've had a party trapped because the space beyond the initial door was another room with NO doors, and after barely surviving the encounter and searching every section of wall in both rooms they found no secret doors. Hence, no way out. :(

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