Round up of Osprey RPG books released and upcoming


Without posting it directly, I would say there is some stuff on there that is of benefit to people, not the stuff by the fans.

Scott delves into hirelings in Romance of the Perilous Land

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On Sunday 27 September at 3pm (UK time - BST) there's going to be an online playthrough of His Dark Places with author Jonathan Hicks and Garblag Games


The video of the above session is available here -

And some blog update news:

More about "Righteous Blood, Ruthless Blades" on Ospey's official blog

Jonathan Hick's thoughts behind "Those Dark Places" on his own blog


Amazon have posted a new TTRPG in the Osprey Roleplaying line! Obviously, take this with a pinch of salt till we get a confirmation, but Amazon has been right about all the others previously.

A Knights Templar RPG

Author: Alan Bahr
Artist: Wietse Treurniet
Artist: Jelena Pjevic

Thirty by Fire: A Knights Templar Roleplaying Game (Osprey Roleplaying): Bahr, Alan, Pjevic, Jelena, Treurniet, Wietse: 9781472847607: Books

I believe this game, like Paleomythic and Romance of the Perilous Land, had a previous start on Drivethrurpg – a “Thirty” 1e is here, though the game we get may well be very different to what this one is about)

Thirty by John Wick - John Wick Presents |

Part of the blurb for that game: "THIRTY is a roleplaying game. With it, you'll play the roles of thirty Templar Knights carrying a secret treasure, lost in a magical mist, trying to find your way home. The story you tell together with your friends is the journey those thirty knights took."

There is a preview of “Thirty” 1e, “Fraternitas.pdf” on the webarchive page here:

I’ll post more as I find it.

Level Up: Advanced 5th Edition Starter Box

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