[Sensitive question] Is there cultural appropriation in gaming?

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It is cultural appropriation to play as an elf if you're not an elf.

Only in the Shadowrun universe.

Seriously, elves don't exist, so we don't need to worry about how we depict them in our fiction. People of colour do exist, and so we probably should give at least some thought as to how we depict them.


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Because how hard is to say "That was a bit extreme and unfair to those people. Can you adjust your character some?"

I think the answer to "how hard is it to say" is probably very hard. We get stuck in say nothing or blow it up. Two extremes.

IME, the person or party delivering the offense often has not heard, noticed or given credence to the calm & polite requests to cease offending.


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Sorry ForceUser, no offense to you but this question is bordering on political correctness insanity,

Lets do do the racist test, flip it over for whites, is it wrong for an African plains person to wear a business suit?
or an Asian guy wearing lederhosen, what about an Indian guy wearing a kilt?

offended much?

Why not?

if I was wearing something someone thought of as appropriation I would be offended, maybe outraged, I would find it racists, you are saying this is wrong because I'm white? Go funk yourself!

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