D&D 5E Sticking with D&D?

I wonder how many people plan to stick with D&D. Seems like it would be an unpopular thing to say on these boards right now. I haven’t made any final decisions but probably will or as I have said I may just take a hiatus from gaming for a while. I am was very mad at WoTC but find that has really turned into apathy at this point. I also find myself moving on from creators I follow as they switch to other systems or because I cannot handle their general level of rage (DMDave).

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I have two campaigns ready to go (one short, one 1-20) so no need to make any decisions for the next 2 years.

Everyone I play with knows 5e. Most have no experience with other systems.

I haven't spent much money with WOTC in a while because I wasn't happy with the direction they've gone in game design. I was planning to subscribe to DNDB so I could make a bunch of NPCs that level with the party for one campaign, but that campaign hasn't started and we'll see. If they force-adapt everything to 5.5 and force the Tasha's racial options as default, DNDB will be much less useful to me.


My group has enough D&D 5e and earlier material that if we choose, we can ignore any new rulebooks or bells & whistles for a new version. We also have history with Pathfinder and other systems, so we may choose to go that route. I do not see us adopting 1D&D, and if we did, it would be a few years before we made the switch.

Aurel Guthrie

It doesn't sound like my friends are planning to switch to another system, and I'm not going to try to convince them since, apart from one other player, interest isn't there. I'm going to keep playing 5e and when we finish our current campaign I'll gauge interest again and see if something comes out of it.

I am currently planning on sticking with D&D. Unless the players all feel otherwise (and so far, I'm not getting the feeling that they do). When the new OGL actually is released and everything is confirmed or not, that might change things, but I'll decide after that.


D&D is not just a game for me its a passion since the 80's so i will keep playing D&D whatever happen with the OGL

Right but I mean I play DnD but I've not given WotC any money in ages, as I don't need much beyond the PHB, DMG and a MM. I'll continue to play DnD (among other games), but I don't need to spend a penny on OneDnD. I imagine there are lots of groups still playing earlier version as well.

That seems to be what matters to WotC.


I will finish the Saltmarsh campaign I'm running and will certainly revisit 5E, but my players have already expressed interest in different systems/IP's so I'm pretty confident we will move on to something else when it's over. I don't plan to purchase anything else from WotC in the near future, but may again in the long-term, if I like the direction they're taking things. I love D&D, it was my entry into the wide world of TTRPG's and I'll always be grateful, but the breadth of different mechanics/systems that exist today is really intriguing to me.

My hope is to stick with DnD.
Wotc made great job in the last decade.
Revivify a game in coma.
Instal a culture of playtest and feedback.
Even initiate a global revision that will mostly support old adventures and material.
I was proud of the work done by Wotc.
They just made a mess that certainly go beyond what they expect, they got to clean up now.



To be fair, my group and I have been wanting to branch out to other systems and genres for a while now, and none of us had been interested in One, based on what we'd seen from the UAs. But we have so many games and I personally feel so soured on D&D at the moment that once our current games are over, it'll be a long time before I play it again.


I have been playing D&D since ~1980. I will continue to play "D&D" but probably will not be purchasing any WotC books again. This isn't because of the OGL controversy (though that certainly didn't help). D&D is more than just WotC products. Yes, they own the trademark but it is sort of like some areas of the southern United States were the word "Coke" refers to all forms of soda pop. If you ask for a "Coke" they will ask you what kind? If I ask my friends to play D&D they understand I am asking to play any fantasy RPG that follows the basic structure of D&D (6 stats from 3-18, resolve action using a d20, classes, races, XP, gp, +1 swords and magic missile spells). I don't need to purchase anything from WotC to play that game because I already own at least 10 different versions of that game. I love the products that 3pp have been putting out. If they can keep publishing those against the 5e SRD then great. If not, I'm sure they will figure out how to publish without that.


Yeah, I'll stick with it.

That is 2e and 3e. Haven't been enthusiastic about what WotC has been doing since the release of 4e. This current little controversy isn't exactly going to change my mind.

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