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Storage solutions for boxed sets?


I recently came into possession of quite a few minty Al Qaddim boxed sets. Now that the bodies are adequately disposed of, I turn my attention to storing said boxed sets. What are the best ways to preserve them? Standing on edge seems like a bad idea as the contents will just want to spill out. Horizontal is ideal, but I don't want to stack boxes on top of each other and have gravity warp the boxes.

What are solutions you guys use?


As long as the boxes are the same size, stacking them horizontally won't warp them since most of the load will be taken by the vertical box edges.

Biggest deal to preserving them is keeping them out of the sunlight and away from bugs and water. Plastic storage boxes are ideal for that.


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My box games dating back to the 1970s are either in edge like books or stacked like the boxes they are. Some look great, some terrible...mostly dependent on how much abuse the boxes took when in use, not from storage.


I keep my own collection of 2e boxed sets on a bookshelf, standing vertically beside the gaming hardcovers and softcovers. They're fine. Like others said, the damage on them comes from years and years of handling them, not from storage.

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On edge is fine. I have loads of boxed sets on edge, and they've been there for years.


Vertical storage on a shelf is ideal if you plan on using them often... but if you want to store them I suggest plastic boxes from Office Depot that are called Really Useful Box for example video game/DVD/CD Storage, http://www.officedepot.com/a/products/452306/Really-Useful-Box-Plastic-Storage-Box/, and they do have some that you could stack your books vertically if desired.

I use these ones for, http://www.officedepot.com/a/products/641055/Really-Useful-Boxes-Plastic-Storage-Box/, for my softcover splatbooks at home and for transport to other friends game sessions.


[MENTION=55006]jimmifett[/MENTION] the inclusion of small desiccant packs via purchase online or salvaged from medicine bottles or other could be include in the boxes to reduce moisture and odors


It's also not hard (and requires no real skill other than being able to figure out correct measurements), if you want to store them laid flat rather than vertical, to put together a small shelf like an oversized CD rack. You could also build it to fit your current available storage dimensions. Box sets aren't individually heavy at all, so you can use really thin wood - the shelf won't take up any more space than the boxes themselves.


[MENTION=6750306]Mad_Jack[/MENTION] good suggestions especially for the boxed sets that have an outer box enclosure to store them in, i.e, the Races of series, but if you're super lazy and don't won't to measure, saw and nail gun one together you could check these out nice stain ready wooden crates at Home Depot, http://www.homedepot.com/p/Crates-Pallet-Crates-and-Pallet-27-in-x-12-5-in-x-9-5-in-X-Large-Wood-Crate-Storage-Tote-Natural-Pine-94621/203837841

I use the smaller one to vertically store all my binders with all of the current and past protector sheet seethed print-offs.


I'd go with horizontal storage. Boxed sets can have loose material which can acquire a bend if left standing for very long.

Heat and moisture and sunlight are your enemies: Binding glue can fail in extreme heat (I had this happen to some of my gaming books which I left in my car). Moisture does damage all by itself, but also attracts mold and insects. Sunlight will variously degrade inks and increase oxidation rates, basically, causing a slow burn.

Dessicant (those silica packs which have become common) plus airtight plastic containers are good ideas. In bulk, 5 gram dessicant packets sell for about $0.10 (10 cents) each. (For example, https://www.uline.com/BL_1004/Silica-Gel-Desiccants has 1,250 packets for $97.) You should be able to find smaller quantities at slightly higher but still very low prices.

Of all of these, I'd say that moisture is the biggest problem.

Also, be very careful when handling the boxes. Scuffs and scratches detract from the collectability and possible sale value.



@tomBitonti I agree with all your points mentioned especially with the way some sellers price the RPG Title that they are selling... I mean who has $500.00 laying around for a single copy of GoO's D20 Mecha book or other earlier print edition of an RPG because that particular title has the rules or errata you need for your campaign setting.

Now the Really Useful Boxes that I mentioned earlier give a good snug fit from spine to edge for my softcover splat books with about two inches at the top which I took a new clean bubble packaging wrap to fill in.

I have a few of the other RUB's that I use for storing my issues of old comics in protector sleeves so I'll see which is best for Hardcover copies of my own books.