D&D 5E The Ashen Lands: Wolde and the Deoric Forest


Rules Tinkerer and Freelance Writer
Just an idea of what I'm working on for the Ashen Lands setting. This is what I have, so far, as a primer for one of the nation-states in the setting.

Wolde and the Deoric Forest1024_1.jpg

Wolde and the Deoric Forest1024_2.jpg
Wolde and the Deoric Forest1024_3.jpg

Wolde and the Deoric Forest1024_4.jpg

Wolde and the Deoric Forest1024_5.jpg

Wolde and the Deoric Forest1024_6.jpg
Wolde and the Deoric Forest1024_7.jpg

None of this is for commercial purposes, I should stress. And is just a campaign setting I'm putting together for my friends and players.

If you have any comments, concerns, or suggestions I am eager to hear them. Particularly if I've stepped on any toes regarding inclusivity. I am a white woman living in America, so it's likely that I'm privileged enough to not recognize some problematic ideas. I do my best to educate myself, of course, but that only goes so far, unfortunately.

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Rules Tinkerer and Freelance Writer
Thank you! I personally thought that was fun, myself. I've already had my players run into a talking owl, once.

The ranger managed to catch sight of it during a watch, staring at the sleeping party in curiosity. So he called out "Hoo!" at the owl, and the owl replied "Me!"

As the Ranger did a doubletake, the owl said "Well. I'd best be off to check on the missus. G'night." and off he went.

He'd been there to hit the party with a Dream spell that lead them to finding a hidden grove underground being corrupted by a fallen druid. His experiments with Blighting Magic will outlast him and become important later on.

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