Trying to Locate a Specific Centaur pic


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I used to have a pic of a centaur, and I'm trying to locate it again and failing. I spent the morning on DeviantArt and Google, and came up with nothing (but a lot of really cool pics of other centaurs).

This was a hand drawn sketch of a Roman or Greek styled centaur. He was wearing an ornate Roman-style breastplate (I remember it as Roman, but my mind may have changed some details), and I think he had a short-sword. He had short, curly hair and in general from the waist up looked like a high-ranking Roman officer or official. From the waist down he was a horse.

It was a really good NPC pic because the drawing had a lot of personality, he looked like a haughty, pompous calvary (?) officer. I'd really like to find it again, if anyone can help I'd really appreciate it.

No idea who the artist is, or where I first came across it. If this sounds at all familiar, let me know.

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