[UPDATED]What Is Project Riboflavin?

An enigmatic video has been posted teasing something called “Project Riboflavin” releasing Halloween 2016. The video features a still image of some sort of witch looking down on a spooky mansion, and ends with logos for Avalon Hill, Lone Shark Games, and Wizards of the Coast. (thanks to Carl for this scoop). It features a remarkable list of game designers and others along the left side of the image.


UPDATE: WotC has posted a product page for Betrayal at House on the Hill: Widow's Walk, release date Oct 14, 2016. "The horror of Betrayal at House on the Hill reaches new heights, with this first ever expansion to the popular board game. Widow's Walk offers fans of the game 50 new haunts written by an all-star cast of contributors from the world of gaming and entertainment, and an entirely new floor of the house for players to explore: the roof. Additionally, this expansion includes new monsters, items, omens, and events to enhance the game. Players must have the Betrayal at House on the Hill board game to use this expansion."

  • Peter Adkison
  • Christopher Badell
  • Keith Baker
  • John Borba
  • Chad Brown
  • Bart Carroll
  • Quelle Chris
  • Andy Collins
  • Rob Daviau
  • Michael Dunlap
  • Chris Dupuis
  • Don Eubanks
  • Justin Gary
  • Jonathan Gilmour
  • Bruce Glassco
  • Eli Halpern
  • Will Hindmarch
  • Jerry Holkins
  • Mons Johnson
  • Gwendolyn Kestrel
  • Richard Malena
  • Mikey Neumann
  • Paul Peterson
  • Ben Petrisor
  • Marie Poole
  • Zoe Quinn
  • Keith Richmond
  • Mike Robles
  • Tifa Robles
  • Anita Sarkeesian
  • F. Wesley Schneider
  • Mike Selinker
  • Liz Spain
  • Max Temkin
  • Elisa Teague
  • Rodney Thompson
  • Jeff Tidballl
  • Brian Tinsman
  • Pendleton Ward
  • Angela M. Webber
  • Gaby Weidling
  • and the Lone Shark interns

A link to the video was tweeted by Mikey Neumann, and retweeted or replied to enigmatically by several of the people whose names appear on the list.

Early speculation is that it is a new project related to Betrayal at House on the Hill, which was designed by Bruce Glassco and published by Avalon Hill. (Riboflavin is also know as Vitamin B2.)
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Russ Morrissey

Russ Morrissey


I don't think its a D&D supplement or adventure or even a game at all. Anita Sarkeesian and Zoe Quinn are involved in the video game industry (Critic and developer, respectively). Mike and Tifa Robles are primarily associated with Magic: The Gathering and more specifically the Lady Planeswalkers Society. Lone Shark Games also recently designed a rather elaborate puzzle/riddle event for Magic: The Gathering as part of the build up to Shadows Over Innistrad, the latest Magic: The Gathering set.

I'm thinking its an inclusivity imitative of some sort. Possibly mixed with a convention event of some sort. That is, of course, pure speculation. ;)


How about this: a multimedia Magic the Gathering announcement, including a D&D adaptation/adventure path, a video game, board game, card sets (of course), maybe even a movie or TV show of some kind.

It seems like Magic is WotC's top license and they might as well capitalize on it. A D&D adaptation is long overdue.


Here's another idea - The Shadows Over Innistrad events were immersive and interactive with a cathedral, mad scientist's lab, and another location that escapes my memory that you could walk around in and solve puzzles like True Dungeon, all held at three different Magic: The Gathering tournaments across the world.

This could be an immersive, True Dungeon style Betrayal at House on the Hill that introduces something else.


Naked and living in a barrel
F. Wesley Schneider is in there and he works at Paizo.

Anita Sarkeesian is a blogger critical of how women are depicted in videogames.

Weird mix of people.


It's almost like that was in the OP!
Well, he said Keep on the Borderlands. The OP talks about Betrayal at House on the Hill.

EDIT: Mike Selinker (who was one of those behind Betrayal) isn't on this list, but it does credit "the Lone Shark interns." Lone Shark Games is Mike's gaming company. My money's on a new Betrayal.
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Also looks like Pendleton Ward, creator of Adventure Time, is in on this. It seems like whatever Project Riboflavin is, we'll see what it was he was talking with Wizards of the Coast about back in Spring 2015.


Many of the above have established storytelling chops. Maybe each is contributing a scenario to an updated and/or mobile platform version of Betrayal.


That would be a lot of paychecks!

Agreed. With a list of names like that which is a) a very long list and b) includes some big names and c) has a very wide range of backgrounds, I would be extremely surprised if it wasn't some of charity event or project. I sincerely doubt that group could be assembled for an ordinary freelance game project. I'm guessing that's gotta be donated time and effort for something they would all find worthy.


I crit!
Shelly Mazzinoble was on a podcast talking about moving on to a new board game division. Almost like she had "betrayed" the DND division.

I'm thinking its an inclusivity imitative of some sort. Possibly mixed with a convention event of some sort. That is, of course, pure speculation. ;)
The presence of F. Wesley Schneider would also support that.

It is a very odd group of people. There's not really a lot of common ground between any of them beyond "involved in gaming", which is a pretty darn wide net to throw.


In the most recent update for the Apocrypha kickstarter (as in 'just a few hours ago' recent), Mike Selinker mentions that fans of Apocrypha might want this thing, too. Whatever it is, I'm interested in it if for no other reason than that so many different people are involved. It's kind of like a Lollapalooza of gaming, that list.

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