Wanna See The N.E.W. Introduction Chapter?

If you've been curious about N.E.W., you might enjoy this free download of the 12-page introduction section of the rulebook. It introduces the game, provides a short play example, a brief glossary, and a discussion of technology advancement levels and science-fiction tones ranging from hard sci-fi to science fantasy. Rather than including a setting itself, N.E.W. is very much pitched as a toolkit full of rules and guidelines which help you create your own setting or model your favourite TV, movie, or book setting. To that end, a full quarter of the book is devoted to world (universe) building.

Attached here is the intro section (12-page PDF).


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Well, that was fun
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Can someone compare the benefits between the d20 system and the d6s system?

Other than the fact that it uses d6s, it's probably better not to refer to it as "the d6 system" - that's a completely different system designed long ago by West End Games! I don't want people to feel bad because they mistakenly bought it in the belief it was an update of the d6 system (though someone should totally do that!)

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