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WotBS Wayfarer's Theater questions


Questions about the battle.

1. Is rigging difficult terrain? (I suspect so)

2. Isn't this battle too easy, even with the barrels and potions? Especially when Giorgio is busy, there are only three not very powerful enemies
against a likely rested Level 5 party. And if Giorgio joins the battle, his desk ritual is interrupted. It feels like I can easily add two more Setaleses.
Am I missing some clever tactics? Even using in-world logic, the enemies should have brought more firepower for such an important mission.

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1. It probably should not be difficult terrain for anyone with a sailor or Wayfarer's background.
2. Is this the 5e version? If so, it is actually suggested that the party be level 6 going into the fight. Giorgio does not have to be inactive; he just has to stay at the desk. Bardic inspiration and shatter will work just fine. It is a Hard fight, but one the heroes should be able to swing fairly quickly. That is good, because they have a long night ahead of them.

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