Pathfinder 1E What a black dragon wants

I'm running a We Be Goblins! campaign for my group. One of my players is playing a sorcerer with the draconic bloodline. She claims to be descended from "the mighty dragon Blargggh". All of my players have picked up this idea and ran with it.

Now at the end of We Be 5uper Goblins, the party gets dumped into the Astral Plane. I'd like for my party to find Blargggh imprisoned there. Maybe they'll have to do some planes hopping to find a way to release him. I'm thinking the elemental planes or maybe the Hao Jin Tapestry. I'm not sure; ideas are welcomed.

But assuming my goblins find a way to release him, what then? Blargggh the Dragon and his goblin friends return to the prime material plane to do ... what? Rule over Brinestump Marsh and Ravenroost? Or does Blargggh just eat them for the lolz?

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A suffusion of yellow
Having the dragon locked in the Tapesry would be fun, especially if it was having fun dominating the disparate parts of it until the the goblins get him out and cause the tapestry to unravel.
The dragon is free but misses its play things and now wants to bring all of the former parts of the tapestry together under its dark and fetid rule - Goblin Dragon World Domination Tour! aiiight


I'd say eat them...afterall, if the dragon is there it may have been awhile since eating anything decent.

Plus, an entire adventure (plus recurring theme) of now trying to escape from the Dragon could make an interesting twist...

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