D&D 5E What does your group look like?


I made a to scale party roster for my group. So, what does your group look like?
The GroupJ.jpg
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The party in my GREYHAWK campaign consist of an half-elf paladin of St-Cuthbert, a half-elf warlock, an elf monk and a human rogue.


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Cool Yan! Yea, the race/class combinations above are: halfling beastmaster (UA) with a wolf, half-orc fighter with one level of barbarian, gnome cleric of Mystra, air genasi swashbuckler, changeling monk with one level of druid, human abjurer. We are all level 6 (close to reaching 7). We also have a human weaponmaster built as a heavy crossbowman. I will update this thread once I add his character into the roster.


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My group looks like a couple of guys in their early 20s and a couple of guys in their late 30s. We are all humans, and roughly the same height.
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I made this a couple of months ago in Photoshop for the guys in my group. This is what the party for our recently ended campaign looked like. An Aasimar War Cleric of Tempus, a Tiefling Paladin of Vengeance, a Half-Elf Wizard with a bird for a familiar and a Gnome Warlock.

Great campaign.



I can't post pics from my phone, but I'll tell you about my three groups:

My Strahd group: human battlemaster with a greataxe, human thief with hand crossbow, firbolg forest druid with a hash pipe, and a forest gnome awakened mystic. The humans are brother and sister. They're all 5th level.

My Tyranny group: human berserker with a magic greataxe, goliath moon druid with an apprentice who's been reincarnated multiple times, shield dwarf evoker with a silver dragon friend, and a lightfoot halfling dual dagger-wielding swashbuckler. They just hit 11th level.

My SKT group: half-orc barbarian, dwarf fighter, half-elf rogue/warlock, and human arcana cleric (me). We're 3rd level.



My players (from left to right): (how do I change the image sizes?)

Marko Salamanka - A former Cyran gunslinger but now an aberrant marked Child of Khyber.
Edobard d'Tharashk - A half-orc archeaologist and relic hunter of House Tharashk.
Ell Lee Ott - A city raised Bugbear enforcer with a taste for the finer things in life.
Ivellios Moonwind - An Aerenal witch and theurge of the Undying Court.
Khendon d'Khundarak - Locksmith and vault-breaker of House Khundarak, armed with his Globlobber.
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Al-Qadim group...


Left to right:
Kaniel (half-orc mamluk dervish)
Najiyah (wish-born human fire elementalist)
Akilah (half-elven noble vizier hakima)
Ankabut (human holy slayer of the Soft Whisper)
Salahuddin (human sha'ir)

Awesome Adam

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Male Gnome Barbarian: Escaped slavery with the Goliath, and has been with him ever since
Male Goliath Barbarian: Ever seen the Movie CONAN ? That origin story, but with a Gnome sidekick
Male Half Elf Mystic: Pretends to be a Rogue to hide his abilities. Everyone just wonders why he stands around in combat staring at people.
Male Dwarf War Priest: Went mad after eating poison mushrooms. Bloodthirsty in combat, but goes out of his way to protect civlians.
Male Human Assasin: Grade A Murder Hobo. Wise cracking sociopath.
Female Aarokocra Warlock: Wants revenge against the Giants for murdering her tribe, but spends most adventure time getting distracted by shiny things.

I'll try and get a group shot of our group in miniatures form, next time we play.

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