Where Should I Post This?

I need some advice for something I'm cooking up (as a DM) for my next game. I'm running a 4E game, but the concept doesn't necessarily have to be edition (or even system) specific. That said, most of my current ideas are in the framework of 4E. Should this go in General or 4E Discussion?
I don't think Plots & Places is appropriate - it's neither a plot nor a place. Basically (my players don't read!)
I want to simulate mental assault with handouts of weird stuff, semi-Paranoia style

Giving it some thought, since we play 4E, I'm going to post it to 4E, and if the mods want to move it, so be it.


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If you want the 4e rules to be part of the discussion, it ought to go in the 4e forum.

If you want to have a rules-agnostic discussion, have it in General.