House Indulshields

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  • House Indulshields

    The Indulshields family provided a safe haven for King Duar and were later ennobled for doing so.

    House Posture and Reputation
    A minor house. Old-money. Reliable. Remain both politically and socially quiet.

    What began as a series of contracts between House Indulshields and the Crown to provide drinking water to Suzail was transformed through shrewd investments into a drainage business that serviced the surrounding farmlands, and later all of Cormyr. The partitioning and sale of this business in the 1300s provided House Indulshields with immense wealth. It took them over a century to spend it all.

    Dark Doings
    In the reign of King Foril, House Indulshields found itself bereft of coins but blessed with debt. This made the house a target of the Xraunrarr, who sent dream visions that led family members to make profitable investments. Unbeknownst to the Indulshields, each investment was in truth a payoff designed to fill the coffers of their house.

    The Xraunrarr have withdrawn their influence over the wider house, their attention focused on its head, Lord Kaerond Indulshields. Lord Kaerond has taken to wearing a circlet he found in his garden. He considers its discovery a sign of the good fortune that has come to bless his house. He does not suspect it is a Crown of Eyes, nor that it is the means by which the beholder mages of the Xraunrarr have steered him into hiring assassins to slay adventurers who reported sightings of beholders to the Crown.

    Thanks to the Xraunran influence, Lord Kaerond now believes it is best to harass the Wizards of War and distract agents of the Crown to keep them from becoming too powerful and prevent their unlawful interference in the business of the nobility. His newfound wealth has funded the quiet purchase of art objects and gems, these more easily shipped around Cormyr as "gifts" between allied houses that are in truth meant to fund the efforts of like-minded nobles to engineer incidents that point to non-existent rebels operating on Cormyr's borders.

    Lord Kaerond intends for his five adult children to wear his circlet, while agents of the Xraunrarr have hidden additional Crowns of Eyes for his children to lead other down-on-their-luck nobles to discover.

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