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This is an archived index to various recovered parts of Eric Noah's old site.  Back in 1999/2000, before the days of social networking and personal blogs, before Facebook and Google+ and Twitter, Eric Noah's website was THE place to go for news and rumours about the upcoming D&D 3rd Edition game.  The internet was a very different place.  This is intended to be a sort of "museum piece" - a slice of RPG history from an era past.  - Morrus.

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Welcome to the archive of Eric Noah's wonderful Unofficial D&D 3rd Edition news website.  Thanks so much to my good friend Eric Noah for helping me recover this data.  This isn't finished yet; I hope to recover as much of the old site as I possibly can.  Here's the original "mission statement" of the site; a mission statement which EN World maintains to this day.

"Nothing on this page is set in stone. I am doing my best to inform you of not only what was said, but who said it, so that you can make a judgment about whether something is "official" (or as close as possible) or merely well-informed speculation. Items that have been posted by TSR employees are a pretty safe bet; all others are juicy rumors at best. For the non-official info, I've been trying to only pass along items that seem likely or come from a source that seems reputable (playtesters, people who got to try it at GenCon, etc.). And even the TSR info is subject to change as the rules are developed, tweaked and tested. Hey, that's part of the fun -- seeing where certain rumors turned out to be true, and where certain 'facts' didn't pan out at all."

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The following pages are presented almost "as is", but with some cleaning up for missing graphics, ad codes, and the like.  In some places links have been altered to point to new file locations on EN World.  Some of these pages may still need some cleaning up, especially where external links and the like have moved.  Please feel free to let me know if you find anything!
Over 20 years later, EN World still continues the daily news reporting tradition.  Here's the latest news, hot off the presses!

The Final Page
Eric's website closed in August 2001.  Here was the announcement.

Important News -- Unofficial D&D Third Edition News to Close Its Doors: I will be closing down the site within the next few days. Several factors led me to this decision, and it's one that I make with some regret. I have enjoyed the past two years immensely, and I thank you for your patronage and support.


Thanks to all of you who have sent kind words tonight. :)

  • The Creature Catalog, Jamis Buck's RPG Generators and Claudio Pozas Art & Design will be moving to EN World.
  • EN World will be archiving many of my site's resources. I'll post more detailed information as I have it.
  • EN World is looking into the possibility of hosting "my forums" as they currently are, complete with the same userids/passwords and all of the threads. Again, more information as I have it.

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