The Perturbed Dragon S01E01: The New Game
  • The Perturbed Dragon S01E01: The New Game

    The first episode of the brand new series! Old Duncan introduces REAL LIFE to the players as they struggle with terminology. Meanwhile, Sheenah the barmaid has trouble with a visiting Thunder God. The all new animated show from EN World TV! Be sure to SUBSCRIBE to this channel to make sure you don't miss any of the upcoming episodes of THE PERTURBED DRAGON! Every Friday on EN World!

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    1. Zansy's Avatar
      Zansy -
      I'm looking forward to the new episodes, these are fun to watch!
      Just rewatched this first one - that elf was just jeallous of that technolowgy. Maybe if somebody purchased a may-jick for Mallack, it might cheer him up for a change
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