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April Showers Bring Spring Meatballs
  • 11
It's finally Spring, a time for flowers, showers, and the dwarven meal, Delzoun "Tide-Me-Overs" from Heroes' Feast.
Black Sword Hack: First Impressions
  • 3
Do you like your sword-wielding sociopaths to be princes who are doomed to die? It is a popular theme in literature and in role-playing games, as is the eternal chaoskampf between the forces of...
Hunting Ham for the Holidays
  • 4
With the Spring holidays upon us, we decided to make an Easter dish that also happens to be a halfling meal from Heroes’ Feast: honeyed ham with pineapple gravy.
Fishing for Dragons
  • 5
With fish a popular dish in our house on Fridays, we decided to finally give the Heroes' Feast Dragon Salmon recipe a try.
Paizo Product Roundup: March
  • 5
Hello again buckaroos, it’s time for another PAIZO PRODUCT ROUNDUP! Today we’re taking a look at three products for the price of one: the RUINS OF GAUNTLIGHT ADVENTURE PATH, the LOST OMENS...
Candlekeep Mysteries Review Round-Up – What the Critics Say
  • 54
Candlekeep Mysteries is out and so are a lot of reviews. Let's take a look at what other critics think of D&D's literary adventure anthology and how it compares to my E.N. World review.
City of Mist Starter Box First Look
  • 2
With the kickstarted City of Mist Starter Box in my hands, I’m going to open it up and see if it looks like I really can learn the game using the step by step rule introduction. The full set of...
Entromancy: The Orchite Age - A Review
  • 2
Entromancy is a cyberpunk game using the 5E game engine that we have reviewed in a previous article. The creators reached out to let us know that there have been some supplements made for the game...
Corned Beef & Cabbage: A Dwarven Feast?
  • 53
With St. Patrick's Day nigh, we decided to cook a dwarven repast from Heroes' Feast: Corned Beef & Cabbage. It's also an opportunity to spotlight how different cultures express their identity...
Exploring Candlekeep Mysteries: An In-depth Review
  • 46
Candlekeep Mysteries is an absolute gift for DMs. Candlekeep is a citadel on the Sword Coast that houses the largest library and collection of knowledge in all of Faerun. To enter Candlekeep one...
Myths of the Jonstown Compendium
  • 20
Welcome to the Myths of the Jonstown Compendium, the new and ongoing article to cover the Jonstown Compendium community content program. This is content that focuses on Chaosium’s Glorantha...
Cthulhu Dice Tower Review
  • 8
Playing with seven players at once has taught me that dice towers are a must, especially when playing with kids. I've run a Call of Cthulhu/D20 Modern game in the past, and this dice tower seemed...
DMs Guild Roundup: February
  • 7
Welcome to this month’s DM Guild Roundup! We talk about what is hot and new on the DM’s Guild, as well as micro reviews of products sent to us or that we pick up.
Monsters of the City: Sins and Virtues - A Review
  • 11
Monsters of the City: Sins and Virtues by Cawood Publishing takes a different approach to monster manuals for 5th Edition Dungeons & Dragons. Most creature compendiums just list the monsters...
Tracking Down the Elusive Shift: A Review
  • 9
In Jon Peterson’s Playing at the World, he correctly pointed out that Dungeons & Dragons, despite being known as the first role-playing game, didn’t actually explain how to role-play. His...
Planning a Dessert for RPG Couples
  • 7
The Heroes' Feast Cookbook has so many recipes that you can mix and match as you see fit, and in this case we decided to skip ahead to a dessert perfect for Valentine's Day: Meal's End.
Dragon Reflections #39
  • 14
Dragon Publishing released The Dragon issue 39 in July 1980. It is 78 pages long and has a cover price of $3.00. In this issue, we have a Top Secret adventure, lots of new magic items, and a...
What's in the Pie?
  • 34
Meat. Pies. Meat in a pie. What could go wrong?
B&G's Silver Edition of Icewind Dale: Rime of the Frostmaiden - A Review
  • 44
If you've been eyeing the various Beadle & Grimm's luxury editions of D&D 5E adventures and wondering if they're worth it—I have bad news for your budget. B&G's Silver Edition of Icewind Dale...
Returning Home to Eat Birds
  • 2
We're on to our third recipe from the Heroes' Feast Cookbook for Dungeons & Dragons and it's a turkey dinner. There's some compromises the book makes to make it suitable for a tavern's menu, but...

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