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Mythological Figures


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Epic Monsters: Green Knight
  • 4
Don’t lose your head over it, but today Epic Monsters is going after the most verdant member of the Knights of the Round Table: the Green Knight!
Mythological Figures: Irene Adler
  • 6
Today in Mythological Figures we’ve got a woman able to hold her own against the World’s Greatest Detective, that opera singing savant known as Irene Adler!
Epic Monsters: Mad Hatter
  • 20
Nothing would be what it is, because everything would be what it isn't. And contrary wise, what is, it wouldn't be. And what it wouldn't be, it would. You see? In other words we’ve a great addition to Epic Monsters today: the Mad Hatter!
Mythological Figures: 'Stagecoach' Mary Fields
  • 16
We’re headed up into the mountains of Montana for today’s Mythological Figure: the pioneering postwoman Mary Fields!
Epic Monsters: Ōphan
  • 25
This dalliance with the realms celestial in the Epic Monsters column is finally getting really weird: check out the ōphan!
Epic Monsters: Seraph
  • 9
Not all celestial creatures are pretty faces and today on Epic Monsters we’re cracking into one of the weirder ones: the six-winged seraph!
Epic Monsters: Cherub
  • 33
With the Four Horsemen behind us it’s time for Epic Monsters to wade into the realms celestial and we’re starting with the one you might think of as a baby: the four-headed cherub!
Mythological Figures: Fairest Queen
  • 10
It’s another Grimm Mythological Figures post today as we consider the stepmother of the iconic heroine Snow White, that wicked woman with the truth-telling mirror: the Fairest Queen!
Epic Monsters: Mórrígan
  • 10
Once more Epic Monsters delves into Irish legends and folklore, this time to tackle the shapechanging goddess of war: Mórrígan!
Mythological Figures: Snow White
  • 15
It’s getting Grimm again on Mythological Figures as we look to the protagonist of one of the world’s best known fairy tales: Snow White!
Epic Monsters: Níðhöggr
  • 12
You might have thought the apocalypse was behind us but we’re hanging out near the trunk of Yggdrasil today on Epic Monsters, chewing away at the roots with another of the great Norse serpents: Níðhöggr!
Mythological Figures: Piri Reis
  • 10
The Mythological Figures column is back and ready to go around the world once more, and who better to guide us than a man who may well be history’s most famous cartographer: Piri Reis!
Epic Monsters: Four Horsemen - Death
  • 6
The time has come for Epic Monsters to tackle the final harbinger of the Last Judgment, that herald who more than any others signifies the end: Death!
Epic Monsters: Four Horsemen - Famine
  • 4
With the lands already suffering from Strife and War it was only a matter of time before Epic Monsters made it to the terrible consequences of such violence: Famine!
Epic Monsters: Four Horsemen - War
  • 13
It’s not last call today on Epic Monsters but we are doing the Last Judgment. Grab your sword and board, strap on your armor, and get ready for some ultra violence: it’s time for War!
Epic Monsters: Four Horsemen - Strife
  • 13
Once more Epic Monsters is headed for the end times—not of the column, thank heavens, just the world. Without further ado let’s get into it with the first of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse: Strife!
Mythological Figures: Sadie Farrell
  • 7
Today’s Mythological Figures post is a myth from just last century in the Big Apple, a lass so fierce and tenacious (and so well known for headbutting people) that they called her the Goat: Sadie Farrell!
Epic Monsters: Xiezhi
  • 9
This time in Epic Monsters we're going after the truth-telling lion, goat, or cattle seen in various parts of Asian mythology: the xiezhi!
Mythological Figures: Elizabeth I
  • 7
Mythological Figures is tackling a historical figure that had the ninth longest reign over England, a polyglot whose rise to power was positively filled with intrigue, subterfuge, and uncertainty: Elizabeth I!
Epic Monsters: Krampus
  • 17
It’s a rare holiday post in Epic Monsters to satisfy readers both naughty and nice with a character that’s been requested many times but not yet explored here: Krampus!

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