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Epic Monsters: Pan
  • 10
Get your hooves clopping and pipes playing because Epic Monsters is going for the godly fellow you know loves both: Pan!
Mythological Figures: Friar Tuck
  • 10
Here’s hoping you're ready for a jolly entry in Mythological Figures—and that you brought your own drinking flask. It’s that big witty lumbering drunkard and expelled member of the church: Friar Tuck!
Epic Monsters: Catoblepas
  • 17
Today’s entry in Epic Monsters has a bit of history with it, and some of the OSR gamers in the crowd may already know about the confusing relationship that D&D has with the catoblepas!
Epic Monsters: Subus
  • 9
This entry in Epic Monsters is a real deep cut, a monster that only the most serious scribes of esoteric real world lore will even have a notion of: the rarely written about subus!
Epic Monsters: Thoth
  • 6
Though he’s got a bird head this entry in Epic Monsters is decidedly more bookish than he is monstrous: the ancient Egyptian god Thoth!
Mythological Figures: Guinevere
  • 2
We’re getting royal again on Mythological Figures and going back to one of England’s most famous and written about queens, the love of Lancelot and wife of King Arthur: Lady Guinevere!
Epic Monsters: Triton
  • 5
This time Epic Monsters is going after the original merman, a lesser deity amongst the olympic pantheon known for playing the conch: Triton!
Mythological Figures: Florence Nightingale
  • 11
We’re looking after you today on Mythological Figures with a woman who is indelibly woven throughout the practice of modern nursing: the Lady with the Lamp, Florence Nightingale!
Epic Monsters: Pecos Bill
  • 5
We’re off again to the American Wild West, taking on a legend as big as big can get. Epic Monsters is proud to deliver to you the twister-riding river-making storm-lassoing fakelore hero known to mortals as Pecos Bill!
Mythological Figures: Leonidas
  • 15
Today Mythological Figures tackles one of history’s best remembered and lauded military commanders, the famous general of the 300 in the Battle of Thermopylae and a true King of Sparta: Leonidas!
Epic Monsters: Donn Cúailnge (The Brown Bull of Cooley)
  • 3
I don’t want to give anyone the wrong impression but today’s Epic Monsters post is a LOT of bull.
Mythological Figures: Calico Jack Rackham
  • 8
Once more Mythological Figures delves into the Golden Age of Piracy with one of its most famous ne’er-do-wells: Calico Jack Rackham!
Epic Monsters: Typhon
  • 10
It’s finally time! Epic Monsters is offering up the daddy of all monsters today, bane of both mortals and gods, a deity with more snakes than you can throw a stick at: Typhon!
Mythological Figures: Peter Jackson
  • 10
Get your dukes up! Mythological Figures has another exemplary boxer today, a heavyweight champion and pioneering athlete honored in the International Boxing Hall of Fame: Peter Jackson!
Epic Monsters: Green Knight
  • 6
Don’t lose your head over it, but today Epic Monsters is going after the most verdant member of the Knights of the Round Table: the Green Knight!
Mythological Figures: Irene Adler
  • 6
Today in Mythological Figures we’ve got a woman able to hold her own against the World’s Greatest Detective, that opera singing savant known as Irene Adler!
Epic Monsters: Mad Hatter
  • 20
Nothing would be what it is, because everything would be what it isn't. And contrary wise, what is, it wouldn't be. And what it wouldn't be, it would. You see? In other words we’ve a great addition to Epic Monsters today: the Mad Hatter!
Mythological Figures: 'Stagecoach' Mary Fields
  • 16
We’re headed up into the mountains of Montana for today’s Mythological Figure: the pioneering postwoman Mary Fields!
Epic Monsters: Ōphan
  • 25
This dalliance with the realms celestial in the Epic Monsters column is finally getting really weird: check out the ōphan!
Epic Monsters: Seraph
  • 9
Not all celestial creatures are pretty faces and today on Epic Monsters we’re cracking into one of the weirder ones: the six-winged seraph!

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