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News Digest for January 21, 2024
New licensed D&D books, another Warhammer RPG from Cubicle 7, Ars Magica 5th Edition Definitive...
Mythological Figures: Alexander the Great
“When Alexander saw the breadth of his domain he wept, for there were no more worlds to conquer.” A fitting subject for this final post in the Mythological Figures column.
Epic Monsters: Great Sphinx
We’ve got a riddle for this final Epic Monsters post: what creature already has two different entries in the core rules but is getting a third one here today?
Mythological Figures: Jason
Today’s entry in Mythological Figures (one of the very last) is coming into this endeavor late but that’s not unusual for the leader of the Argonauts: Jason!
Mythological Figures: Van Helsing
As Mythological Figures winds down to its end and the votes are tallied up, the subject that’s clearly broken away into first place is that vampire hunter of olde: Van Helsing!
Epic Monsters: Loveland Frogman
The legend of today’s Epic Monsters entry is as tall a tale as they come, a very humble lizard that’s grown into something so much more: the Loveland Frogman!
Mythological Figures: Seh-Dong-Hong-Beh
Today’s entry in Mythological Figures details a different kind of “Amazon” altogether: Seh-Dong-Hong-Beh!
Epic Monsters: Escornáu
Epic Monsters is ready to impale you with fun today thanks to the escornáu!
Mythological Figures: Fionn mac Cumhail
Mythological Figures is off to the British Isles for the man with the magic thumb: Fionn mac Cumhaill!
Epic Monsters: Abraxas
Today Epic Monsters has its sights set on an archon, a god, a demon—it depends on who you’re asking with Abraxas!
Mythological Figures: Comte de Saint Germain
Today’s entry in Mythological Figures may be the most appropriate yet, an adventuring alchemist and artist that quite intentionally left a legend in his wake: the Comte de Saint Germain!
Epic Monsters: Wendigo
Winter has Epic Monsters in its icy grip with a deadly spirit of the cold: the wendigo!
Mythological Figures: Dido
Mythological Figures is headed back to Carthage today for the city-state’s founder and first queen: Dido!
Epic Monsters: Kongamato
Today Epic Monsters offers you a prehistoric terror known as the overwhelmer of boats: the kongamato!
Mythological Figures: Eric Bloodaxe
Mythological Figures sets its sights on a viking that now resides in the majestic halls of Valhalla: Eric Bloodaxe!
Mythological Figures: Bass Reeves
Mythological Figures has featured many legends but few as badass as the Wild West’s greatest officer of the law: Bass Reeves!
Epic Monsters: Geryon and Orthos
Today on Epic Monsters we’ve got a special double entry with even more heads: the three-headed giant Geryon and his two-headed hound Orthos!
Mythological Figures: William the Conqueror
Mythological Figures is taking over England today with William the Conqueror!
Epic Monsters: Oberon
This Epic Monsters entry isn’t in iambic pentameter, but he wasn’t either (at least not at first). We’re talking about the Fairy King Oberon!
Mythological Figures: Huon of Bordeaux
Finally an entry in Mythological Figures for a proper paladin: Huon of Bordeaux!
Epic Monsters: Mari Lwyd
Well here we come, innocent friends, to ask leave, to ask leave, to ask leave to sing—Epic Monsters has a haunting holiday tradition for you with Mari Lwyd!

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