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Mythological Figures



Mythological Figures: Semiramis
  • 0
Today in Mythological Figures we’re talking about perhaps the most ancient queen in recorded history, a woman that ruled over a massive swath of earth for half a decade: Semiramis!
Epic Monsters: Māui
  • 23
It’s about time Epic Monsters had some fun in the surf and sun. Who better to make that happen than the island fishing, fire stealing, sun slowing Māui!
Mythological Figures: Captain Ahab
  • 17
Whether or not you’ve read the classic today’s Mythological Figure is from you know who he is because of the massive creature of the sea he endlessly hunts after. I’m talking up that peg-legged mad-eyed obsessed sailor extraordinaire known as Captain Ahab!
Epic Monsters: Balor
  • 14
This entry in Epic Monsters takes us into the mythological wars of Ireland’s supernatural legends with the Fomorian champion: Balor!
Mythological Figures: Queen Tamar
  • 18
Mythological Figures heads to the ancient world and the nation of Georgia two centuries after the first millennium, taking a look at one of history’s most fierce and accomplished rulers: Queen Tamar!
Epic Monsters: Onocentaur (Poll)
  • 22
Epic Monsters has taken on aircraft-cursing gremlins, Cthulhu and his whole gang, the Mothman, Baba Yaga, Dracula, the World Turtle—but none are the type of challenge posed by today’s subject. Meet the ridiculous onocentaur!
Mythological Figures: Enkidu
  • 20
This entry in Mythological Figures is going way, way back, providing a build for Gilgamesh’s best buddy. If you’ve ever heard the myth then you know I mean the beast-man made from clay, that fellow who can’t be kept down: Enkidu!
Epic Monsters: Joe Magarac
  • 20
Today Epic Monsters is taking a look at the working man’s man of steel, a corporatist product of fakelore from the Steel City that never quite found its way entirely into the realm of America’s mythology. If you already know who it is, you get a gold star because this one is pretty obscure: Joe Magarac!
Epic Monsters: World Turtle
  • 27
This entry in Epic Monsters is the biggest of the big. It’s huge. It can’t be stressed enough how colossal it is. Absolutely massive! The biggest thing that will ever appear in the column—the Earth-carrying World Turtle!
Mythological Figures: Khutulun
  • 11
Mythological Figures is headed back to the steppes today with one of the most famous warriors from among the Khan’s soldiers: the athletic noblewoman Khutulun!
Epic Monsters: Karkaddan
  • 22
This week’s Epic Monster—is it a rhinoceros? A unicorn? Both? Let’s find out more about the karkaddan!
Mythological Figures: Harald Hardrada
  • 8
We’re going big and bold with today’s entry in Mythological Figures, tackling the man whose life and death mark the very end of the Viking Age: Harold Hardrada!
Epic Monsters: Lucifer III, Lord of Hell
  • 31
Lately in Epic Monsters we’ve seen him as he falls and after he fell, and now we consider him at the peak of his power: Lucifer, Lord of Hell!
Epic Monsters: Lucifer II, Fallen Angel
  • 14
Continuing on from the Epic Monsters post last week we’re tracking the descent of the Prince of Evil, this time with the fallen angel Lucifer II!
Epic Monsters: Lucifer (1 of 3), Falling Angel
  • 50
Today’s entry in Epic Monsters isn’t the most epic yet, but it’s on its way there: a portrait of modern religion’s greatest villain as he plummets from the heavens, that dastardly falling angel Lucifer! This is the first if three increasingly powerful builds: Falling, Fallen, and Lord of Hell.
Mythological Figures: Prospero
  • 26
“My high charms work, and these, mine enemies, are all knit up in their distractions. They now are in my power.” If you’re thinking that I’m talking about the central character in Shakespeare’s The Tempest, you know today’s entry in Mythological Figures is Prospero!
Epic Monsters: Caliban
  • 11
“That, if I then had waked after long sleep, will make me sleep again | and then in dreaming, the clouds me thought would open | and show riches ready to drop upon me, that when I waked I cried to dream again.” If you know who today’s entry in Mythological Figures is already, unlike me you’d have answered that televised trivia show question with The Tempest and won the game: Caliban!​
Mythological Figures: Titania
  • 16
“Then I must be thy lady: but I know | When thou hast stolen away from fairy land… | Your buskin'd mistress and your warrior love, | To Theseus must be wedded, and you come | To give their bed joy and prosperity.” The thespians among you likely already know who I’m quoting, but to everyone else take heed for today Mythological Figures considers the Faerie Queen Titania!
Epic Monsters: Poukai
  • 15
Today’s Epic Monster entry is surprisingly, terrifyingly historical, drawn from the mythologies of the Māori—a monstrous bird able to kill creatures as big as 500 pounds. If you said Haast’s eagle you’d be right, but we’re calling it by its ancient name: the poukai!
Mythological Figures: Allan Quatermain
  • 35
Indiana Jones won’t ever appear in the Mythological Figures column because he’s not in the public domain. The character that inspired him is however, so allow us to introduce to you Allan Quatermain!

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