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August 15th

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August 15th

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September 19th

Planescape: Adventures in the Multiverse
October 16th

The Book of Many Things
November 14th


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RPG Evolution: Mental Health Tips for Game Designers
Mental Health Awareness month is a good reminder that we can all use a little help sometimes.
RPG Evolution: The Art of the Live Stream
It's harder than you might think.
RPG Evolution: Lessons in F.E.A.R.
Horror RPGs can learn a lot from how F.E.A.R. mixes horror and action.
RPG Evolution: Don't Play This Class!
Dragon Magazine introduced fun classes that were only for NPCs. We played them anyway.
RPG Evolution: Are RPGs Art?
What makes a game art and would tabletop RPGs qualify?
RPG Evolution: Multiverses All the Way Down
Popular franchises eventually revert to the norm: a multiverse.
RPG Evolution - The AI DM: The Downside of Free
Should you give your RPG content away?
RPG Evolution - The AI DM: Monster Maker Mischief
How does AI perform when creating monsters?
RPG Evolution - The AI DM: The Trouble with Art
How can gamers use AI art ethically?
RPG Evolution - The AI GM: Worldbuilding with Dwarf Fortress
Why create your own campaign setting when AI can do it for you?
RPG Evolution: That Time an AI Played RPGs
Here's how AI works as a player and DM.
RPG Evolution - The AI GM: Your Somewhat Unreliable Familiar
AI creates a lot of opportunities for gamers, but it has some serious flaws too.
RPG Evolution: What If the D&D Movie is a Hit?
Like, a really big success?
RPG Evolution: My Gaming Goals for 2023
Now that things have settled down a bit, I'm looking ahead to 2023.
RPG Evolution: The Brand Risks of Infinite Compatibility
Backwards compatibility comes with a lot of baggage.
RPG Evolution: What is the Reach of an 800 lb. Gorilla?
In the wake of the OGL controversy, what will small publishers do now?
RPG Evolution: Where Are the Board Gamers?
Alta Fox and Hasbro have different ideas about what makes an effective Board member.
RPG Evolution: The Fox in the Henhouse
Alta Fox Capital's blueprint for WOTC has turned out to be prescient.
RPG Evolution: The Art of the Apology
We have a template for what a good apology looks like. So how did Wizards of the Coast do?
RPG Evolution: Fixing the Mess
After Patreon announced a wildly unpopular change, they reversed course. Was it enough?
RPG Evolution: This Sounds Familiar
Remember when a company neglected thousands of their smaller creators? That was Patreon in 2017.

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