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Each week we bring you the last 7 days' news in one handy digest post!
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D&D 2024 PHB cover reveal, Adventure Time RPG breaks into Million Dollar Crowdfunding Club, and more!
2024 D&D Core Rules will be added to the SRD, Critical Role launches new streaming service, and more!
Vecna Table of Contents leaks, D&D Beyond marketplace changes, Hasbro invests $1 billion in video games, and more!
D&D Fireside Chat covers 2024 Player's Handbook, early look at Vecna: Eye of Ruin, Asmodee spinning off from Embracer Group, and more!
Venca: Eve of Ruin previews, WotC President resigns, Hasbro seeks new partner for Baldur's Gate 4, and more!
Planet of the Apes RPG, Dimension 20 to play Madison Square Garden, Black Company RPG, and more!
D&D Lego adventure, Star Trek charity D&D live stream, 1980s D&D cartoon minis, and more!
Hello everyone, Darryl here with the summary of this week’s gaming news from EN World. EN Publishing News For a quick summary of the week’s news, Jessica Hancock will bring you up to speed with EN Live's This Week in TTRPG every Friday. Don’t forget, you can keep up with all the week’s gaming news in detail with Morrus’ Unofficial Tabletop RPG Talk. Every Monday on Not DnD, Jessica...
D&D LEGO and Converse, Previews of D&D 2024, no more Baldur's Gate, and more!
English language Shin Megami Tensei TTRPG announced, D&D coming to HeroClix, Matthew Sprange talks about running Mongoose Publishing, and more!
NASA releases TTRPG adventure, changes for D&D Adventure League, Arkham Horror getting an RPG, and more!
Vecna: Eve of Ruin details, new Discworld RPG, Star Trek Adventures 2nd Edition announced, and more!
Tomb Raider RPG announced, Shadow of the Weird Wizard released, D&D Portuguese localization cancelled, and more!
D&D 2024 release dates announced, mass employee exodus from Evil Genius Games, new Avatar release, and more!
Dragonlance TV series no longer in development, new Star Trek Adventures campaign, Lost Omens Tian Xia info from Paizo, and more!
Hasbro is NOT selling D&D, Paizo announces Gen Con releases, new Dragonbane and WFRP books, and more!

This Week in TTRPG


A great monster book on its own but also useful as a supplemental guide to pre-existing fantasy worlds.
Play a vampire and kill nazis in WW2!
You won't survive this tragedy of doomed heroes!
A new spin on a retro form of text adventure games.

Dungeons & Dragons

Alternate Player's Handbook cover art by Wylie Beckert.
Get in, nerds—we’re going to Curdello.
Here are a few more tidbits from Game Informer's magazine coverage of the new edition's rulebooks.
Art by Dmitry Burmak.
Dungeon Master’s Guide contains a sample setting—and that setting is, indeed, Greyhawk.
Game Informer has revealed the cover to the 2024 Player’s Handbook.

Industry News

D&D-powered cartoon fun from Cryptozoic Entertainment.
Developer tool released under Open RPG Creator (ORC) License.
SRD 5.2 will be released under Creative Commons next year.
One of only two TTRPG creators with four separate million dollar Kickstarters!
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