Upcoming D&D


Bigby Presents Glory of the Giants
August 15th

The Practically Complete Guide to Dragons
August 15th

Phandelver and Below: The Shattered Obelisk
September 19th

Planescape: Adventures in the Multiverse
October 16th

The Book of Many Things
November 14th


Revised Core Rulebooks
(D&D 50th anniversary)

Vecna Storyline


Red Wizards Storyline


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Adorablins Offers Cute Adventures For Goblins Of All Ages
Everything you need fits in a tin the size of two Altoids cases
This Year Is Bad Bandit Summer
Coming in hot with masked, mounted, and weirdly-equipped varieties!
Freebies, Sales, and Charity Bundles for June 4, 2023
Starfinder bundle extended, free BattleTech Pride anthology, Tomb Raider TTRPG, and more!
Podcast #251: Live at UK Games Expo
Morrus, Peter, and Jessica are live from UK Games Expo!
Worlds of Design: Goal-Oriented Play
There was a time when finishing the mission was core to RPG play.
News Digest for June 2, 2023
Pathfinder and Starfinder news from PaizoCon, new adventure for The One Ring/Lord of the Rings...
Paizo News: More Starfinder Enhanced Spoilers and Mechageddon
Covering more of the Starfinder Enhanced spoilers out of PaizoCon as well as talking about...
Check Out This D&D Documentary Courtesy of TIME Studios
A 40-minute look at D&D's history and the community around it
RPG Evolution: Mental Health Tips for Game Designers
Mental Health Awareness month is a good reminder that we can all use a little help sometimes.
RPG Print News – Exalted Funeral and More
D&D 5E, Call of Cthulhu, Dungeon Crawl Classics, Mörk Borg, Liminal Horror, and a new Japanese...
RPG Crowdfunding News – Koboa, Epic Threats, Comics, FLGS, and more
RPG crowdfunding projects, comic books, graphic novels, friendly local gaming stores, and...
Go From Superhero to Superweirdo In Apocalypse Keys
Tell stories like Hellboy, Umbrella Academy or Doom Patrol
See you at UK Games Expo?
We have a stand in Hall 1 or join us for our live podcast recording on Friday!
New Playtest Packet for Level Up: Advanced 5th Edition
Includes new cultures, a new heritage, spells, and a few other bits!
RPG Evolution: The Art of the Live Stream
It's harder than you might think.
Paizo News: PaizoCon Online Wrap Up
Pathfinder Remastered, Lost Omens: Highhelm, Starfinder Enhanced, Pathfinder Adventures, and more.
Freebies, Sales, and Charity Bundles for May 28, 2023
Deals, giveaways, and fundraisers for D&D, Pathfinder, Starfinder, Call of Cthulhu, Level Up...
A Cult Making the Most of Undead
Ghouls, ghasts, vampires, zombifying plagues, and more.
Podcast #250: The Cost of Printing an RPG Book
Morrus, Peter, and Jessica talk about the cost of printing an RPG book.
Paizo Shares Color Covers Of Pathfinder Remaster
GM and Player Core hardcover art by Wayne Reynolds
Worlds of Design: Making Mechanics Match
Is frequently rolling lots of dice good design for an RPG?

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