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Podcast #140: DIESEL RPG with Cassandra MacDonald
  • 0
This week, Morrus and Peter are joined by Cassandra MacDonald to talk about DIESEL and Level Up 5e. In the news, more Dungeons & Dragons movie casting news, a new D&D open-world video game on its...
Let’s Take A Journey…
  • 5
In previous articles, we’ve looked at things like Level Up: Advanced 5E's exploration challenges, boons, and monster signs, and supplies and safe havens. But how does this all fit together...
A Look Inside The Unspeakable Tomes of the Malleus Monstrorum
  • 9
A monster manual for Call of Cthulhu always struck me as an odd proposition. It is not a game of heroic combat. It’s a game where players flee the monster until they can attack on their own terms...
Level Up Playtest Document #11: Wizard
  • 34
Welcome to the 11th Level Up playtest document. This playtest contains a candidate for the first 10 levels of the game’s wizard class.
Million Dollar TTRPG Kickstarters
  • 33
The One Ring 2E joins an exclusive club -- Kickstarters for tabletop roleplaying game products which have broken the $1M barrier!
Worlds of Design: Write it Down!
  • 10
Hector Berlioz, the 19th century French composer, said “every composer knows the anguish and despair occasioned by forgetting ideas which one had no time to write down.” Just as Abraham Lincoln...
News Digest for the Week of March 5
  • 5
Hello everyone, Darryl here with this week’s gaming news. More D&D movie casting news plus character names, a new open-world Dungeons & Dragons video game on its way, Kickstarter controversy, and...
Rob Kuntz Licenses RPG Materials For 1E & 5E
  • 21
Rob Kuntz has licensed his library of RPG work -- including his original Grehawk Castle levels (from 1974) -- to Paul Stormberg's companies, TLB Games and Legends of Roleplaying. Also available...
DDB's Adam Bradford went to Demiplane
  • 28
We now know where Adam Bradford went, after he left D&D Beyond last month. He's joined a new digital platform for RPGs...
Crafty Quest Box: An Interview With Michael Best (Kids Arcanum)
  • 3
A rules light, story first RPG for kids that focuses on crafts and activities to keep its audience engaged speaks to my love of children’s games. As a box/kit, the Crafty Quest Box lets your...
Hidden Path Making 3rd Person Open World AAA D&D Video Game
  • 43
Hidden Path Entertainment is recruiting for an "AAA, third-person, open-world fantasy RPG that will be taking place inside the Dungeons & Dragons franchise." The game will use Unreal Engine 4. The...
RPG Print News – Chaosium, Cubicle 7, Necrotic Gnome and More
  • 2
This week there is a new referee screen for Old-School Essentials and a horror module for Dungeon Crawl Classics RPG. Chaosium has a two book set of monsters and gods along with a deck of cards...
RPG Crowdfunding News – What Once Went Wrong, Crypt of the Devil Lich, and more
  • 8
This week, I look at more RPG projects that end between March 5th and 25th. As Morrus shared last week, there are two million-dollar RPG Kickstarters running right now. In addition to that...
Start Your Journey Into Symbaroum
  • 9
I tend towards dark fantasy when I run games. I’m not entirely sure why. I may be that I didn’t start playing RPGs with Dungeons & Dragons. It may be that I spent a lot of time with the World of...
Hugh Grant To Play Villain in the D&D Movie
  • 274
Hugh Grant will be playing the villain in the Chris Pine D&D movie, which also stars Fast & Furious' Michelle Rodriguez, Jurassic World's Justice Smith and Bridgerton star Regé-Jean Page...
DMs Guild Roundup: February
  • 7
Welcome to this month’s DM Guild Roundup! We talk about what is hot and new on the DM’s Guild, as well as micro reviews of products sent to us or that we pick up.
Mythological Figures: Fairest Queen
  • 10
It’s another Grimm Mythological Figures post today as we consider the stepmother of the iconic heroine Snow White, that wicked woman with the truth-telling mirror: the Fairest Queen!
Gaming for Good with Jasper’s Game Day
  • 10
I recently had the opportunity to catch up with Fenway Jones, Founder and Executive Director of Jasper's Game Day, events that raise funds and awareness all year round for suicide prevention with...
Level Up: An Art Preview
  • 54
Here's a quick look at just some of the diverse art you will find in the Level Up: Advanced 5th Edition hardcover rulebooks. Some of these are from the Core Rulebook, and others are from the...
EN5ider #379 - Villain Spotlight: The Tooth Man
  • 0
The end of the month looms and EN5ider has an article appropriate for following up on last issue's Striking Magic: a friendly dentist! Really! Nothing sinister going on here. Nope.

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