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Tal'Dorei Reborn from Critical Role Is Out!
  • 13
Darrington Press' reboot of Critical Role's Tal-Dorei D&D setting has been spotted in the wild, and on social media folks who worked on it are showing off pictures of their books. The book is...
How Will D&D Beyond Implement Monsters of the Multiverse?
  • 16
We know that D&D Beyond will be selling the standalone digital version of Mordenkainen Presents: Monsters of the Multiverse on May 17th. What we don't know is how this release will affect its...
Check Out Joy Ang's Alternate Covers for the D&D Gift Set
  • 12
Next week's Dungeons & Dragons Rules Expansion Gift Set comes in at $169.99 and also includes a slipcase and a DM Screen. In addition to the standard version (featuring Grzegorz Rutkowski’s art on...
The Dolphin Delighter is a Teleporting, Telepathic Dolphin
  • 14
WotC’s Crawford told Gizmodo about the mysterious ‘Dolphin Delighter’ — and while that name might suggest something else to some, it is in fact a new monster in Monsters of the Multiverse. Art...
D&D Beyond Confirms Monsters of the Multiverse's May Standalone Release
  • 57
Monsters of the Multiverse comes out this month as part of a gift set along with Tasha's Cauldron of Everything and Xanathar's Guide to Everything. However, if you don't need those older books...
Making Religion Matter in Fantasy RPGs
  • 77
Religion is a powerful force in any culture and difficult to ignore when creating a gaming setting. Here's some things to consider when incorporating religions into your campaign.
Looking Ahead to 2022
  • 30
Predicting anything is a risky business; predicting the future of the hobby business even moreso, as the ups and downs of the industry aren't necessities and therefore harder to judge. But there's...
Epic Monsters: Kongamato
  • 4
Today Epic Monsters offers you a prehistoric terror known as the overwhelmer of boats: the kongamato!
EN5ider #434 - Tip of the Tongue: Part Four
  • 0
Today's issue of EN5ider includes all the tools a GM needs to run the War for Ideas at the climax of Tip of the Tongue!
#183: SWORDDREAM and Dagger Isles with Pam Punzalan
  • 1
This week, Morrus and Peter are joined by Pam Punzalan to talk about SWORD DREAM, Dagger Isles for Blades in the Dark, and more! In the news, Power Rangers and Transformers RPGs available for...
A Compilation of all the Race Changes in Monsters of the Multiverse
  • 536
Over on Reddit, user KingJackel went through the video leak which came out a few days ago and manually compiled a list of all the changes to races in the book. The changes are quite extensive...
Worlds of Design: Barbarians at the Gates – Part 2
  • 20
In the first article we discussed the definition of a barbarian. In the second, we discuss ways that barbarians might factor into a setting or campaign.
The Black Hack Boxed Set Offers (Almost) Everything You Need For An Excellent Hexcrawl
  • 4
The lure of the boxed set is fairly clear. Everything you need to play the game all in one tidy package. This idea has evolved over the decades but I would be lying if I didn’t still enjoy...
News Digest for the Week of January 14
  • 2
Hello everyone, Darryl here with this week’s gaming news! Previews of Monsters of the Multiverse, Gen Con registration dates announced, Tabletop Simulator lands itself in controversy, more news...
Level Up: Now on FOUNDRY VTT!
  • 17
For fans of the Foundry virtual tabletop platform, our initial package for Level Up: Advanced 5th Edition is now available for free. (Yes, I completely made up those stats!) We're excited to...
Meet GallantFunding, A Kickstarter Competitor
  • 11
With the increase in the number of crowdfunding sites and crowdfunding alternatives as well as global corporations creating their own crowdfunding sites, it was only a matter of time before the...
Preorder The Power Rangers and Transformers RPGs (And Get PDFs Now!)
  • 23
If you are in America, you can now preorder the Power Rangers roleplaying game from Renegade Game Studios. The books will be out in two weeks (January 26th), but you'll get the PDF immediately...
Full List of Monsters in Mordenkainen Presents Monsters of the Multiverse
  • 92
Mordenkainen Presents Monsters of the Multiverse contains revamped stat blocks for 260 monsters previously published in previous Dungeons & Dragons 5E books. The list was compiled by YouTuber Bob...
Legend of Vox Machina Trailer Released
  • 174
Critical Role’s The Legend of Vox Machina will be released on Amazon streaming in batches of three episodes. Season 1 will release on Amazon Prime Video as follows: Friday, January 28th: Episodes...
RPG Print News – Arc Dream, Pendelhaven, Raging Swan, and More
  • 4
From flying faeries to rune-wielding Vikings to magical kitties, this week has a little bit of everything magical and monstrous. Dungeons & Dragons has maps of The Wild, an adventure, inspiring...

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