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The Origins of ‘Rule Zero’
  • 24
Jon Peterson discusses the origins of Rule Zero on his blog. It featured as early as 1978 in Alarums & Excursions #38.
ZEITGEIST Gets A Facelift
  • 6
A brand new website, and a snazzy new look -- the ZEITGEIST setting has had a facelift! https://www.adventuresinzeitgeist.com
Podcast #133: Pathfinder for Savage Worlds with Chris Warner and Mike Barbeau
  • 2
This week, Morrus and Peter are joined by Chris Warner and Mike Barbeau to talk about Pathfinder for Savage Worlds. In the news, new Dragonlance novels on the way, new Dungeons & Dragons book...
D&D TV Show By John Wick Creator
  • 89
From Hollywood Reporter — “Derek Kolstad, the creator and writer behind the John Wick franchise, has been tapped to pen and develop a pitch for a live-action series based on the Dungeons & Dragons...
In Praise of Dice
  • 114
I don’t think I need to convince anyone that dice are cool. But for those who feel dice are only useful for looking pretty and making a clattery sound behind a GM’s screen, I disagree.
News Digest for the Week of January 15
  • 2
Hello everyone, Darryl here with this week’s gaming news. New D&D book officially announced, new Dragonlance novel coming this summer, the sea shanty trend comes to RPGs, and more! Don’t forget...
EN5ider Gets A Facelift
  • 8
EN World's own EN5ider Magazine for D&D 5th Edition has been running for nearly 5 years now. We've produced nearly 400 issues, with over 2,500 pages of content. And you can get ALL that content...
Warhammer Fantasy RPG: Middenheim – City of the White Wolf
  • 16
Packed with fascinating places, dangerous people and enough story hooks to snag an entire ocean of adventurers, Middenheim – City of the White Wolf is a top-notch setting guide that never makes...
When WotC Founder Peter Adkison Wrote To White Wolf Magazine
  • 18
I had a distinct memory of having seen a particular letter in one of the magazines in my gaming club back in the day, so I decided to do some research and managed to find it in White Wolf Magazine...
Level Up’s Monsters: Ecology
  • 39
In another post, I talked about the updates we’re making to monster stat blocks in Level Up: Advanced 5th Edition. Today, I want to talk about the changes we’re making to the rest of the monster...
RPG Print News–Renegade Game Studios, Exalted Funeral, and More
  • 6
All the weird stuff this week and that just seems right. Sleeved bodies for transhuman mind swapping, lost teenagers and text based roleplaying, solo magician RPGs, lots of D&D 5E adventures, and...
RPG Crowdfunding News – Limitless Encounters, Rune & Steel, Mythos Monsters, and more
  • 0
The holidays cause a glut followed by a famine of RPG crowdfunding projects and quickstarters. With this week’s article, we are past the famine as I look at the last of the January projects, all...
Pathfinder For Savage Worlds Kickstarter Launches Tuesday!
  • 12
The Kickstarter for the Savage Worlds version of Pathfinder is launching next week! In addition, a new actual play series will run the adventure Hollow's Last Hope as a demo of the game. The...
What is ARCADIA?
  • 40
ARCADIA has joined the ranks of online D&D magazines; this one is from Matt Colville's company, MCDM. The e-zine is being launched today or tomorrow (it should appear on MCDM's store for $7 at...
Helper Classes
  • 58
At Wizards one year, I gave a short lecture to the RPG R&D crew about why clerics are impossible to balance. Since most of their power (healing) helps other characters, it’s power that doesn’t...
3 Of The Adventures in Candlekeep Mysteries
  • 46
Candlekeep is a 'hub' full of portals to different adventures, each portal being a book, in the upcoming Candlekeep Mysteries adventure anthology for D&D. Here's the names of three of the...
Official Candlekeep Mysteries Announcement & Info About 'The Canopic Being' Adventure
  • 88
The official announcement of the book that was revealed yesterday includes an image of the alternate cover. Clint Cearley did the standard cover and Simen Meyer did the alternate cover. It looks...
This is the Way
  • 50
The long-gestating Dungeons & Dragons film continues to creep along, but another series has demonstrated that the game may not need a big budget movie at all: The Mandalorian.
The New D&D Book: Candlekeep Mysteries: 17 Mystery Adventures [UPDATED!]
  • 229
The cover of the upcoming D&D book has been revealed! Candlekeep Mysteries is an anthology of 17 mystery-themed adventures for character levels 1-16. The image has appeared on Penguin Random...
Pathfinder Beginner Box Review
  • 45
Hello buckaroos! We return once again from the feet of the golem with a new PAIZO PRODUCT REVIEW! Today we’re looking at the new Pathfinder Beginner Box, Paizo’s latest in a hugely successful line...



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