5E Epic Monsters: Lucifer, Falling Angel
  • 7
Today’s entry in Epic Monsters isn’t the most epic yet, but it’s on its way there: a portrait of modern religion’s greatest villain as he plummets from the heavens, that dastardly falling angel Lucifer!
Meet Frankenstein's Monster!
  • 19
Mary Shelley's creation was undoubtedly an inspiration for the D&D flesh golem. Mythological Figures & Maleficent Monsters, coming soon to Kickstarter, compiles Mike Myler's fantastic column here...
Playing Virtually? Don't Miss These Deals
  • 5
Many gamers are using virtual tabletops (VTTs) to connect with gamers while staying safe in their homes during the pandemic. We reached out to several of these platforms to ask what they're doing...
Podcast #93: Identeco with Shawn Rourk
  • 0
This week, Morrus and Peter are joined by Shawn Rourk to talk about his cyberpunk roleplaying game Identeco. In the news, the Pathfinder 2nd Edition Beginner Box was announced, ICv2 industry sales...
Fading Suns Hits Kickstarter
  • 26
Fading Suns: Pax Alexius hit Kickstarter earlier this week, and has smashed through its funding goal and hurtling towards the $100K level. It's a classic RPG set in the far future when the stars...
News Digest for the Week of March 27
  • 1
Hello everyone, Darryl here with this week’s gaming news! More COVID-19 updates from conventions and companies, new Dungeons & Dragons Unearthed Arcana, new Pathfinder releases, Chaosium announces...
Ranger, Why Do You Guard the Frontier?
  • 50
Rangers are warriors who roam the wilds defending civilization against monsters. Determining why your ranger lives such a rough life may open up new roleplaying opportunities for you to explore...
Chaosium Releases Basic Role Playing SRD
  • 31
Chaosium has released the Basic Roleplaying System Reference Document (SRD). The Basic Roleplaying SRD is based on Basic Roleplaying, the simple, fast, and elegant skill-based percentile system...
Spells & Magic Tattoos: New Unearthed Arcana
  • 139
WotC has posted a new Unearthed Arcana called Spells & Magic Tattoos. "This document provides a magical miscellany: new spells and a new type of magic item, magic tattoos. Most of the spells focus...
Paizocon 2020 Is Cancelled
  • 11
In a not-unsurprising announcement, Paizocon 2020 has joined the other conventions and events this year which have been cancelled due to the current pandemic. Paizo has sent out a full update...
Meet Blackbeard, Terror of the High Seas!
  • 0
Mythological Figures & Maleficent Monsters, coming soon to Kickstarter, compiles Mike Myler's fantastic column here on EN World, with brand new art in a gorgeous full-colour book. Here's a quick...
Starfinder: Near Space Review
  • 11
Hello my lovelies, it’s once again time for your very own PAIZO NEWS ROUNDUP! We have a special edition here today – we’re reviewing Starfinder: Near Space! Stuffed to bursting with new worlds to...
Crowdfunding News: The Greatest Thieves in Lankhmar, Monsters! Monsters RPG, and more
  • 12
Between April 3rd and 9th, a number of Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition crowdfunding campaigns end. These books include adventures, new rules, and a project about hair in D&D. Add to that, Lankhmar...
[Chaosium] Harlem Unbound 2E: Chris Spivey's ENnie-winning Game is Back and Better!
  • 12
Investigate the Cthulhu Mythos during the Harlem Renaissance. Chris Spivey's ENnie-winning breakthrough book is back and better than ever!
ICv2 Reports 23% Growth In RPGs in 2019
  • 10
ICv2 has published its latest estimates for the size of the hobby games market in the US and Canada as of 2019. The hobby games channel is up 5-10%, being the 11th consecutive year of growth...
How to Game When Everyone Else is Online
  • 8
As the measures to control the pandemic ramp up globally, it's becoming increasingly necessary for families to not just practice social distancing but shelter in place--which means no contact with...
5E EN5ider #323 - Enchanted Trinkets: Zlick Willy's Wily Wares
  • 0
The annual day of pranks is fast approaching and EN5ider has an article sure to help with injecting a bit of (likely much needed) levity into your games: 10 prank-oriented enchanted trinkets ranging from a barrel of sea monkeys to friendly joybuzzers, omni-dimensional dribble glasses, talk rocks™, and much more!
Onyx Path Cancels LegendLore Kickstarter Partway Through Citing COVID-19
  • 24
Half-funded, Onyx Path has cancelled the Kickstarter for its upcoming D&D 5E version of the LegendLore comics because of the current pandemic sweeping the world. James Bell says in a...
5E Mythological Figures: Prospero
  • 26
“My high charms work, and these, mine enemies, are all knit up in their distractions. They now are in my power.” If you’re thinking that I’m talking about the central character in Shakespeare’s The Tempest, you know today’s entry in Mythological Figures is Prospero!
Explorer's Guide to Wildemount Review
  • 116
The combination of Critical Role's success and its patronage from D&D Beyond in its second season probably made Explorer's Guide to Wildemount inevitable. Wizards of the Coast is virtually...


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