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Keys From The Golden Vault
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Bibgy Presents Glory of the Giants
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Revised Core Rulebooks
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Podcast #227: Details in a Published Adventure
  • 0
This week, Morrus, Peter, and Jessica talk about how much detail you should include in a published adventure. In the news, more Dragonlance previews, Takhisis is Tiamat, new Dungeons & Dragons...
  • 9
Launching in January 2023, Against the Dragonlords is a livestreamed campaign running through the original Dragonlance adventure, DL1: Dragons of Despair, using the Level Up: Advanced 5E rules...
What's All This About The OGL Going Away?
  • 185
This last week I've seen videos, tweets, and articles all repeating an unsourced rumour that the OGL (Open Gaming License) will be going away with the advent of OneD&D, and that third party...
Worlds of Design: Building a Structural Framework
  • 3
Years ago I devised a framework that can be applied to “all” games, to help aspiring designers of board and card games. Let’s see how it applies to RPGs.
News Digest for the Week of November 18
  • 4
Hello everyone, Darryl here with this week’s gaming news! More Dragonlance previews, Walking Dead RPG coming from Free League, new D&D miniatures coming, Hasbro business news, and more! For a...
Check Out Shadow of the Dragon Queen's Table of Contents!
  • 90
Courtesy of Fryminis who shared it on Twitter, here's a look at the table of contents from Shadow of the Dragon Queen! The 224 page book has 7 chapters and 5 appendices: Character Creation...
  • 66
Free League has announced the official The Walking Dead Universe Roleplaying Game. The game will hit Kickstarterin Spring 2023, with a release in Fall of the same year. It includes a core...
EN5ider #484 - Adventure: Isle Slithers
  • 0
This month's full adventure on EN5ider is a sandbox foray across the remote Leapsheep Isle in search of rogue crystals and ruins as slithering tentacled horrors slide forth from the depths!
Adventure Writing Basics: Part 2
  • 5
We previously recommended some writing tips on adventures. Rather than talk about how to create a scenario or how to plot an adventure, I thought I’d focus on common pitfalls in the nuts and bolts...
WotC Officially Confirms Takhisis and Tiamat Are The Same
  • 448
It's been an issue in dispute for decades, over various editions of D&D, but WotC has officially confirmed that - at least in 5E - Dragonlance's Takhisis is, indeed, currently Tiamat. In previous...
RPG Print News – Cubicle 7, Osprey, and More
  • 1
Dungeons & Dragons gets hex crawl options for Old-School Essentials and Basic D&D. Lamentations of the Flame Princess gets a ninth printing. Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay and Soulbound RPG get...
RPG Crowdfunding News – Itza’s Guide to Dragonbonding, Ultimate Faeries, EUMORPHICA, and More
  • 12
This week of RPG crowdfunding options ends between November 28 and December 1. There are some great options for 5e, original systems, and more. This sampling of what’s currently crowdfunding for...
Dragon+ Content Going Away -- Whoops, It's Gone!
  • 101
WotC's online ezine, Dragon+, ended a few months ago. Until now the existing issues were still accessible, but as of today, November 15th, WotC announced that "Dragon+ will be removed from app...
Critical Role: The Mighty Nein – The Nine Eyes of Lucien Review
  • 1
Critical Role: The Mighty Nein – The Nine Eyes of Lucien walks a very tricky line. The prior Critical Role novel, Vox Machina – Kith & Kin was easy because it entirely took place before Vox...
Not DnD - Damn the Man, Save the Music!
  • 2
Damn the Man, Save the Music is a game about making a last-ditch effort to save something you love. Play a ragtag group of underachievers, overachievers, street philosophers, and lovestruck...
Level Up offer launches at the Bundle of Holding
  • 9
Adventurers! The Bundle of Holding this week presents Level Up!, the standalone Advanced 5E tabletop fantasy roleplaying game from EN Publishing. Level Up is a complete, independent rules set...
ENterplanetary DimENsions: Woeful Wheel
  • 0
The realm in today’s ENterplanetary DimENsions entry is all about suffering—the poor souls that find themselves here are in the most wretched of places enduring torturous trials, and it is only a fortunate few who escape the Woeful Wheel.
Gift Ideas for Steampunk Fans
  • 0
This past Halloween I dressed in a steampunk theme, but I've also redesigned my office with steampunk decor and use steampunk props in my 5E D&D game. If you know someone who is a fan of...
RPG Freebies, Bundles, and Sales News (November 13, 2022)
  • 0
Welcome to the Bundles, Freebies, and Sales News, the weekly column at EN World that helps make sure you don’t miss out on big tabletop RPG bundles, charity fundraisers, and sales from around the...
EN5ider #483 - Enchanted Trinkets: Top-Shelf Trinkets
  • 0
If you've been looking for an excuse to drink fear not, for today's EN5ider brings an end to your quest with a cabinet full of miraculous alcohol!

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