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This is the Way
  • 50
The long-gestating Dungeons & Dragons film continues to creep along, but another series has demonstrated that the game may not need a big budget movie at all: The Mandalorian.
The New D&D Book: Candlekeep Mysteries: 17 Mystery Adventures [UPDATED!]
  • 230
The cover of the upcoming D&D book has been revealed! Candlekeep Mysteries is an anthology of 17 mystery-themed adventures for character levels 1-16. The image has appeared on Penguin Random...
Pathfinder Beginner Box Review
  • 54
Hello buckaroos! We return once again from the feet of the golem with a new PAIZO PRODUCT REVIEW! Today we’re looking at the new Pathfinder Beginner Box, Paizo’s latest in a hugely successful line...
EN5ider #371 - Fungus Among Us
  • 3
There's a parasite coming to EN5ider today—an exploration of what might become of one of the real world's most disturbing fungi in realms of medieval fantasy!
There's A New Dragonlance Novel Coming
  • 73
After all the legal drama between WotC, Margaret Weis, and Tracy Hickman recently, this probably won't surprise anybody. However, on Amazon, there is now a placeholder for a Dragonlance paperback...
Epic Monsters: Four Horsemen - War
  • 11
It’s not last call today on Epic Monsters but we are doing the Last Judgment. Grab your sword and board, strap on your armor, and get ready for some ultra violence: it’s time for War!
Podcast #132: Dune RPG with Chris Birch and Andrew Peregrine
  • 1
This week, Morrus and Peter are joined by Chris Birch (Publisher and Founder at Modiphius) and Andrew Peregrine (Dune Line Manager) to talk about the Dune RPG. In the news, the Top 10 Most...
News Digest for the Week of January 8
  • 2
Hello everyone, Darryl here with this week’s gaming news. New D&D book announced next week, Pathfinder 2e playtest for two new classes now live, new Starfinder sourebook announced, NPC sourcebook...
DMs Guild Roundup: December/January
  • 2
As we close out 2020, we wanted to offer up some last bits available for you on the DM’s Guild. In the coming year we will try and delve deeper into DM Guild offerings in more detail, with...
Return To Ravenloft In Style
  • 16
Curse of Strahd has become one of the most popular campaign books of Dungeons & Dragons Fifth Edition. The love of the spooky realms within the mists is still very strong as evidenced by the...
Let’s Look At Exploration in Level Up
  • 65
One of our primary goals with Level Up is to expand and fully flesh out the game’s exploration pillar. There are various ways we’re doing that: we’re giving all characters exploration knacks...
Starfinder Review: We're No Heroes
  • 5
Howdy again my hooligans and buckaroos! We return once again to a new Paizo product review, this time with We’re No Heroes, the first entry in the latest Starfinder Adventure path Live Free or...
The March D&D Book Will Be Announced Next Tuesday
  • 263
As has become standard these days, the upcoming D&D book has appeared -- in an anonymous, secretive guise -- on various bookstores in advance of an announcement. In this case, Amazon, Penguin...
RPG Print News – Goodman Games, Modiphius, and More
  • 7
This week save Christmas Town from the Grinch and explore military mysteries onboard the Metamorphosis Alpha. Fill in character sheets for the Black Hack on nice paper. Grab your bat’leth or...
RPG Crowdfunding News – Tome of Mystical Tattoos, Monsters Are Our Heroes, Bespoken RPG, and more
  • 7
With 2021 in place, let’s look at a number of RPG crowdfunding projects and quickstarters ending during the last half of January. This week’s article ranges from D&D content, as well as other RPG...
You Can Now Playtest Pathfinder's New Gunslinger & Inventor
  • 13
There's a brand new Pathfinder 2E playtest in the wild, and it contains an old favourite and a new arrival -- the Gunslinger and Inventor classes! The playtest is live now, and runs until...
Enchanted Trinkets II Has More Enchanted Trinkets For Your 5th Edition Game
  • 0
Last year we produced 65 Enchanted Trinkets for D&D 5th Edition. Now we're delving back into our store of minor magical items to bring you Enchanted Trinkets II -- another all-new booklet of minor...
What Are Publishers Doing For New Gamemaster Month?
  • 2
What are Monte Cook Games, Chaosium, Evil Hat, Pelgrane, Atlas Games, and Arc Dream doing for New Gamemaster Month? I asked each of the companies how they’re supporting new GMs in the first major...
EN World is 20 Years Old!
  • 79
It skipped me by, but EN World had its 20th birthday the other day! Yep, I've been doing this for... 20... long... years. I launched the site on Jan 1st, 2001, originally under the name...
EN5ider #370 - Enchanted Trinkets: Exposed True Names
  • 0
This Enchanted Trinkets article on EN5ider today is unique even for this series: true names as magic items. Granted a hell of a lot people know these true names, but hey you buy a piece of a fiend for just 70 gold and you get what you get...



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