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Stay on Budget, Search for New Life in Elevation
  • 8
The explorers of Elevation seek out new life and new cultures in a universe driven by greed and profit. On a shoestring budget and with outdated gear they pursue a noble vision of lifting up new worlds in the RPG Elevation.
Keith Baker and Jenn Ellis working on a The Adventure Zone Tabletop RPG
  • 13
Details are sparse, but Eberron's Keith Baker and Jenn Ellis are working on a tabletop RPG of The Adventure Zone, based on the popular podcast by the McElroy family. We’re excited to share that we’re developing a tabletop game with The McElroys based on their popular podcast and NYT #1 selling graphic novels, The Adventure Zone. The game is still in development, so we’re staying hush on...
EN5ider #283 - Monstrous Menagerie: Elemental Pets
  • 1
Is the thought of conjuring yet another mephit exhausting to you? Then today's EN5ider is right up your alley! Check it out to see five brand spanking new low CR elementals ideal for summoning, including in a fight to spice things up for the party, or even as familiars!
Mythological Figures: Saladin (5E)
  • 20
Watch out for quicksand and be ready to weather the dunes because today Mythological Figures is headed to ancient Arabia (and northern Africa) for one of history’s greatest generals: Saladin!
I Wrote a Book: Familiar Territory
  • 2
This is a series of posts about taking the plunge into self-publishing on multiple platforms with different media, including books and comics, but it can equally apply to tabletop role-playing games. I published three books in 2010 (The Evolution of Fantasy Role-Playing Games), 2011 (The Well of Stars), and 2012 (Awfully Familiar) and produced a mobile comic (Legends) in 2008. In this article, I relaunch my first fantasy novel in the Furmiliar series, Awfully Furmiliar.
Elf Stranded on the Warden: A Short Gary Gygax Story
  • 22
One of the great joys of working at TSR was being part of the group that played in Gary Gygax's weekly game. Over the years we had been the test subjects for many of the now classic Gygax adventures.
One Page Adventure: Cedar's Pavilion
  • 8
This is my 9th One Page Adventure! This short adventure introduces a new cult to your PCs along with a horrible zombie-creating spell that has gone awry! Can the PCs rescue PETRA, an acoloyte, from the CRIMSON SPARROWS' lair?
Worlds of Design: A Time for Change
  • 83
J.R.R. Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings and Silmarilion set a fashion for fictional civilizations lasting many millennia without much technological or social change. This worked for the literature, but rarely makes sense for games.
Orr Group's Roll20 Stats Q2 2019 Use New Method; Cthulhu Up, D&D/PF Down
  • 23
Roll20 has posted its latest usage stats for Quarter 2, 2019, using a new method. Instead of only using "user selection data", they are now looking at the usage of character sheets across their 4 million accounts. As always, D&D comes in first, and is followed by Pathfinder and Call of Cthulhu (which rank differently based on whether you are looking at players or campaigns). The new counting method has resulted in some changes!
Podcast Special Episode: Actual Play of The Stygian Library using Simply6
  • 0
This special Actual Play episode features system-neutral, random adventure The Stygian Library with its designer, Emmy Allen, serving as gamemaster using Russ Morrissey's new Simply6 rules-lite system, with Morrus and Peter as players!
Let's Take Another Look At That One Ring 2E Cover
  • 37
Last week the cover of the upcoming The One Ring 2E was revealed by Cubicle 7. But that's only half the picture. Cubicle 7 has released the full art piece by Johan Grenier!
News Digest: Gen Con Release Previews for Pathfinder and Shadowrun, New D&D Products Announced, Warh
  • 5
Twas the week before Gen Con and every publisher and store is busy packing booths for the convention floor. Pallets are filled with brand new books and dice as we prepare the celebration of our favorite vice. Despite the industry’s quiet as they prepare for the week and bags being packed by sixty thousand geeks, there are still news items over which we can muse so this is Darryl with the week’s gaming news!
Here's The Official Pathfinder 2E Character Sheet
  • 74
Paizo has posted both full-color and printer-friendly versions of the official character sheet for Pathfinder 2nd Edition!
Paul Elliott, Zozer Games, Publisher and Writer on the Alien RPG
  • 7
Paul Elliott, founder of Zozer Games, kindly responded to my request for a written interview. He is the author of the Hostile RPG and has worked on the upcoming Alien RPG.
Podcast #58: The Stygian Library with Emmy Allen
  • 0
This week, Morrus and Peter are joined by Emmy Allen to talk about the 2019 ENnie Judge’s Award winning The Stygian Library! In the news, the Diana Jones award nominees were announced, Green Ronin posted their Gen Con launch line-up, the D&D adventure Tyranny of Dragons getting an updated single-volume reprint, and more! Plus Our Favorite Game in All the World and a brand new sketch!
RPG Crowdfunding News – Demigods, TaleSpire, BESM 4e, An Occurrence at Howling Crater, and more
  • 11
This week, I review crowdfunding projects ending between August 2nd and 8th. Everthing from 5e to OSR to Savage Worlds and more. While I focus on six larger projects, I include a number of quick hits (short descriptions and links). BESM update below [2019-07-24]. Thanks to eyeheartawk and Jer for pointing this out. BESM Fourth Edition (Big Eyes, Small Mouth RPG) by Japanime Games END...
Here's A Pathfinder 2E Goblin
  • 105
Paizo has shared part of its upcoming Bestiary for Pathfinder 2nd Edition with a quick look at the goblin entry.
Keith Baker announces Project Raptor: A New Eberron Sourcebook!
  • 29
There has been speculation about a Facebook/Twitter page that's popped up called "KB Presents." It initially looked like either a community project or an adventure path designed by Eberron creator's Keith Baker's industry friends for the DM's Guild. It is in fact something that Keith himself is working on: A new Eberron sourcebook for the DM's Guild!
Pathfinder Adventure Card Game Core Set: A Review
  • 10
Hello again my Paizo friends! Once again we return to your favorite type of news – we got a product review for this edition of the Paizo News Update! Today we’re taking a look at a product that already had a spotlight here on the Update and which some of you may already know: it’s the Pathfinder Adventure Card Game Core Set!
EN5ider #282 - Villain Spotlight: Skrivena Moc
  • 1
This EN5ider issue is for an intelligent weapon with much more than a simple curse, and by the time a new wielder realizes just how insidious the sword is it is often too late to stop the demonic blade Skrivena Moc from consuming their soul!