Rise of the Artificial Game Master
  • 12
In the past, computer role-playing games (CRPGs) have largely sidelined the role of the game master in favorite of simple automation chiefly dedicated to managing non-player characters (NPCs). But...
Podcast #90: Dungeons & Dragons Presents Magic: The Gathering's Theros
  • 1
This week, Morrus and Peter explore the new Dungeons & Dragons setting from Magic: The Gathering, the Greek-inspired Theros! In the news, a new Tales from the Loop starter set, Cyberpunk Red cover...
Playing Nicely In The Sandbox
  • 31
Whether we’re talking about real-world politics or playing in an ongoing fantasy roleplaying campaign that uses an established shared setting (like the Realms or Golarion or Krynn), there are ways...
Hands-On VR--Star Wars: Secrets of the Empire
  • 9
Chris Cocks, the CEO of Wizards of the Coast, mentioned the possibility of an augmented-reality game for Dungeons & Dragons in 2017. Three years later we're still waiting. But a new advanced in...
News Digest for the Week of March 6
  • 1
Hello everyone, Darryl here with this week’s gaming news! New Dungeons & Dragons setting, D&D Beyond’s top magic items, Dune RPG details announced, COVID-19 causing Emerald City and GAMA Trade...
Return of the Wiki!
  • 6
The EN World Wiki has returned! We're busy populating it with useful material (and you are welcome to help - it's a wiki!) Here are some of the useful pages so far! Best of the 5E Forum Class...
Review of Mörk Borg, a Doom Metal Album of an OSR RPG
  • 14
All will blacken and burn just as the Two-Headed Basilisks predicated. The world is dying; time is short. How will you face the final days? Robbing graves for corpse buried wealth? Or fighting the...
The Labyrinth RPG Is Out!
  • 42
Based on the David Bowie movie with Jim Henson puppets, it has snuck out and is available on Amazon.
Dune RPG Details Emerge!
  • 26
Polygon has some details about the single most anticipated RPG of 2020, the upcoming Dune RPG! Here are the key points! It will be based on Modiphius' 2d20 System (as expected). Players will...
Cyberpunk Red Cover Art
  • 7
Dicebreaker has shared the cover art of this summer's Cyberpunk Red, the third most anticipated tabletop RPG of 2020! This art is by Anselm Zielonka. Publisher R Talsorian said -- "Cyberpunk...
Happy International GM's Day!
  • 13
Today, March 4th, is International GM's Day! A day which is close to my heart because it started right here on EN World back in 2002! March 4th is, of course, also the anniversary of the day we...
Crowdfunding News: Spheres of Might and Power, Descent into Midnight, and more
  • 6
This week I review RPG crowdfunding projects that end between March 13 and 19, This is not an exhaustive list as there are a number of RPG zines that are not included here, but it includes a lot...
There's A Tales From The Loop Boxed Starter Set Coming
  • 17
Free League has announced a boxed starter set for its Tales from the Loop RPG. This is the awesome Swedish game based on the artwork of Simon Stålenhag (the art book which has also inspired an...
1 Day Left To Die Hard On A Starship!
  • 5
The one-week SolSpace: The Spartan Gambit Kickstarter has launched! Can the PCs end the Spartan siege of the USF Copernicus? Plus we have created full deck plans of an entire starship!
Paizo Product Roundup: March
  • 2
Hello again my delightful readers, and welcome to the PAIZO NEWS ROUNDUP! On this March edition, it looks like Paizo continues the trend of one sourcebook and two APs: we’ve got Starfinder: Near...
Which Is Better: Regular or Alternate Cover Art For Theros?
  • 67
Here's a look at the full art pieces for the covers of Mythic Odysseys of Theros. The first is the regular, and the second is the alternate cover. Which is better?
16 More Details About Theros
  • 142
The latest edition of WotC's online magazine contains some juicy tidbits about Mythic Odysseys of Theros!
5E EN5ider #320 - Monstrous Menagerie: Chimeras
  • 0
You might say that EN5ider is getting a little Moreau in this latest issue—today's entry is all about a quartet of exciting new chimeras! Come on over, grab up a goatrilla, and strap yourself in for some excellent monster designs!
5E Epic Monsters: Poukai
  • 15
Today’s Epic Monster entry is surprisingly, terrifyingly historical, drawn from the mythologies of the Māori—a monstrous bird able to kill creatures as big as 500 pounds. If you said Haast’s eagle you’d be right, but we’re calling it by its ancient name: the poukai!
Announcing the Free RPG Day 2020 Publishers!
  • 17
Free RPG Day is coming Saturday, June 13, 2020, is the first RPG event fully executed by new owners, Gaming Days, LLC. Last year, I spoke with Paul Alexander Butler, co-creator of the Overlight...


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