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A Dragonlance Retrospective: Part 2
Following up on Part 1, we look at the return of Dragonlance from the 90s to its current...
A Dragonlance Retrospective: Part 1
The Dragonlance setting has a long history, and as it’s the time of year for retrospection it...
Adventure Writing Basics: Part 2
We previously recommended some writing tips on adventures. Rather than talk about how to create...
Adventure Writing Basics: Part 1
Writing an adventure is a good way to get into games writing. Most games companies are looking...
Halloween Surprises
As we’re approaching the season for horror gaming, it’s worth considering some ways to surprise...
Review – The Midnight World
The Midnight World is a standalone horror game from Gem and Eye RPG Studios. It was successfully...
Review – Human, Almost
Human… Almost is a new Blades in the Dark variant by our own Egg Embry. Obviously as he’s one of...
Returning to Gen Con
I’ve missed Gen Con, really missed it. I’ve been lucky enough to be a regular attendee for the...
All Aboard the Invisible Railroad!
What if I told you it was possible to lock your players on a tight railroad, but make them think...
Religion in Your Campaign – Festivals and Worship
While it’s all very well to talk about Gods and priests, religions are also very much about the...
Religion in Gaming—Types of “Priest”
In previous articles I’ve somewhat simplistically used priest as a standard term for a religious...
The Black Hand Review – Playing the Sabbat
This Storyteller’s Vault offering comes with a very experienced pedigree. Not only is there a...
Religion in Your Campaign – Priests and Congregations
As we mentioned in a previous article, you need not be a priest to follow a religion. So in this...
Are Video Games Ruining Your Role-playing?
I love RPG video games, but they might be causing some sub-optimal habits in our tabletop role...
A Question of Religious Character
At the forefront of any discussion of religion in campaigns are the clerics and priests who...
Defining Religions in Your Campaign
Dr. Ninian Smart’s Seven Dimensional model of Religion is an excellent tool for world building...
Making Religion Matter in Fantasy RPGs
Religion is a powerful force in any culture and difficult to ignore when creating a gaming...
Character vs. Campaign
You know what can really derail a game? Making a character that conflicts with the guidelines...
Halloween Horror: Building Fear
Hopefully you are gearing up for a horror game this festive season. Here’s how I do it.
Halloween Horror: Fear, Not Trauma
As we’re coming up to horror game season, it’s worth discussing safety tools.
Game Design Masterclass: Ars Magica
While there are many games with interesting and clever rules, there are few that introduce new...

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