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Russ Morrissey

You can now buy The Masterclass Codex: Sixteen New Character Classes
ALCHEMISTS, SAVANTS, MONSTER TAMERS, NOBLES, GUNFIGHTERS, TINKERERS AND MORE! This compilation of the books A TOUCH OF CLASS and A TOUCH MORE CLASS contains 16 full character classes for your 5E games! These new classes are fully detailed with exciting class-themed abilities! Each of these classes also contains a range of subclasses to further customize them. Buy it in full-colour HARDCOVER or PDF format from DriveThruRPG! https://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/280434/The-Masterclass-Codex-Sixteen-New-Character-Classes-For-Your-Fifth-Edition-Campaign Play as the brilliant savant, the black-powder gunfighter, or travel with exotic animal companions as the monster tamer! Harness the power of your environment as the geomancer, or create wondrous inventions as the tinkerer! Marshall your party as the noble, create exoctic concoctions as the alchemist, change shape as the morph, or teleport across the battlefield as the feywalker. Enjoy a full palette and depth of exciting game mechanics which allows you to explore player options in far more detail than a subclass could. This book contains: A TOUCH OF CLASS (REVISED): The original book has been revised and updated, and includes the alchemist, cardcaster, diabolist, feywalker, morph, noble, and occultist. A TOUCH MORE CLASS: This new book contains the bloodweaver, fatebender, gemini, geomancer, gunfighter, lodestar, monster tamer, savant, and tinkerer. This book contains the following sixteen classes! Alchemist: Scientific Sorcery. The alchemist uses an almost scientific approach to magic to make alchemical discoveries. Will your alchemist become immune to poison, or discover the Elixir of Life? Will you delve into the Science of Creation and build a homunculus, or research the Science of Destruction and devise explosives? We also expand on the alchemist class with three new advanced studies: the Science of Illumination, the Science of Mutation, and the Science of Regeneration. Also included are two new...
Russ Morrissey
Descent into Avernus DM Screen
  • 1
Descent into Avernus releases tomorrow. Gale Force Nine is also producing its usual DM screen.
PF2 'Work In Progress' NPCs from Gamemastery Guide
  • 15
Paizo has shared a page from its upcoming Pathfinder Second Edition: Gamemastery Guide. "You will have a fair selection of prebuilt NPCs to fill your world! Or maybe, have one of them become the villain? How would you tie this NPC into your story?" The book is slated for January 2020.
5E 5-page Preview of Scarred Lands Creature Collection
  • 7
Handiwork Games, which has teamed up with Onyx Path for the Scarred Lands Creature Collection for 5E, has sent me along a preview of the book. It's a five-page PDF of a complete encounter which depicts the Temple of the Stars, along with the Dunefish Swarm monster, all part of the Encounter Pack (click here to download!).
Here's What A 5' Square Actually Looks Like
  • 133
Over on imgur, a user called DoofusDad created a real-life five-foot square to illustrate what it actually looks like.
When TSR Passed On Tolkien
  • 121
Benjamin Riggs recently revealed this tidbit of TSR history -- Lorraine Williams passing on the rights to Tolkien's works in 1992! "So, in 1992, TSR almost acquired the rights to JRR Tolkien's work. John Rateliff was sent to London to negotiate the deal, missing Gen Con. (Apparently, no TSR employees were allowed to miss Gen Con, but he was for this...) He met Christopher Tolkien at the...
2000AD A Brand New Judge Dredd Show
  • 0
The folks over at Encounter Roleplay have launched a brand new Judge Dredd show using the Judge Dredd & The Worlds of 2000 AD RPG! "Our Judges received a 'promotion' and were sent out to Freedom Falls, the worst mega block in the city, to begin the new initiative."
Vote For Your Favourite D&D Villain
  • 62
The nominations are in. Who's your favourite D&D villain? Here are the villains which made it through the nomination stage to the final. It's time to vote! You may choose up to three.
You can now buy The Masterclass Codex: Sixteen New Character Classes
  • 15
ALCHEMISTS, SAVANTS, MONSTER TAMERS, NOBLES, GUNFIGHTERS, TINKERERS AND MORE! This compilation of the books A TOUCH OF CLASS and A TOUCH MORE CLASS contains 16 full character classes for your 5E games!
NewbieDM Posts Avernus Previews
  • 45
NewbieDM on Twitter has received an early copy of Descent Into Avernus from WotC, and has been busy posting photos of the book. Lot of images of the interior. I've posted a handful below, but check his Twitter stream at the link for many, many more.
PF2 Leshies Previewed From Lost Omens Character Guide
  • 44
Leshies are another of the three new ancestries from the new Pathfinder 2E book. Nature spirits given form, these guys havecrafted plant bodies.
Gameplay Trailer of 5E-Powered Solasta: Crown of the Magister Video Game
  • 50
The folks making the 5th Edition powered Solasta: Crown of the Magister video game have released a gameplay trailer, and boy does it looks good. They launch their Kickstarter tomorrow, Tuesday 3rd September.
PF2 New Skill Feats
  • 3
Skills feats are one of the new innovations in Pathfinder Second Edition. Thanks to them you can now use skills to produce astounding effects—like the ones presented here by Carl Cramér over on TRAILseeker, the PF2 Patreon! From "Brachiate" to "Tie Up", these 11 feats will add to your players' (and NPCs') arsenal! Illustrated by Xanditz.
It's Time To Vote For Your Favourite D&D Monster!
  • 72
Nominations were taken! Now it's time to vote. What's our favourite D&D monster of all time? Vote now! You may select up to three monsters from the list.
Here's the Cover Art for Pathfinder 2E's April Bestiary 2
  • 49
Eight months after the launch of Pathfinder 2E, Bestiary 2 will hit store shelves - 320 pages, to add to the 400+ in Bestiary 1. Here's a look at Wayne Reynolds' cover art for the book. "This 320-page hardcover rulebook greatly expands on the foes found in the Pathfinder Bestiary. From classic creatures like serpentfolk and jabberwock, returning favorites like the primal dragons or the...
5E Mama Bear's Revenge: A New One Page Adventure!
  • 3
I've created my 11th One Page Adventure - Mama Bear's Revenge, based on the EN5ider adventure by Jeff Gomez! When an orc lumberjack accidentally kills a bear cub, the sentient animals of the forest declare war. Can the PCs reach MAMA BEAR and end the attacks before it's too late? A new ONE PAGE ADVENTURE awaits!
PF2 Paizo Previews Hobgoblin Ancestry
  • 16
The Hobgoblin appears as a playable race in the Lost Omens World Guide. Paizo's Eleanor Ferron has previewed it.
PF2 Adventure: Stranded on Faraway Island
  • 2
If you're dying to try Pathfinder Second Edition out, there's something perfect for you over on TRAILseeker, the PF2 Patreon! You have the rules, you have the players (ideally your friends): the only thing that's missing is an adventure—and here's one for you! Concise, action-packed, and open-ended, "Stranded on Faraway Island" is perfect for the needs of a GM who wants to read less and run...
PF2 Pathfinder 2E Errata
  • 35
The Pathfinder 2 developers were in a Twitch stream, where they confirmed some errata for the core rules. Thanks to @Markh3rd for the scoop!
Attack of the Swarm New Starfinder AP
  • 1
Fate of the Fifth is the first part of the Attack of the Swarm adventure path from Paizo. The interstellar insectile threat known as the Swarm is driven by nothing but the desire to consume and expand. But when they strike at the peaceful Suskillon system in the Vast, their behavior indicates they have a secondary motive beyond simple destruction. Can the heroes survive the invasion and...
Here's The Most Common D&D Party Composition
  • 58
D&D Beyond's latest data-output looks at the composition of the typical adventuring party. The 'traditional' party always used to be Fighter, Cleric, Rogue, Wizard; let's see how that stacks up these days!


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