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Russ Morrissey


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September 2021
The Wild Beyond The Witchlight

October 2021
Fizban's Treasury of Dragons

November 2021
Strixhaven: Curriculum of Chaos


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Russ Morrissey

Russ Morrissey

D&D and Call of Cthulhu Climb Again in Roll20's Latest Stats
  • 28
Roll20 has released its latest usage figures. These are for Q2, 2021. And they have a new fancy format! D&D is, of course, still right up there at the top with nearly 54% of the market -- up from...
Free League Announces Blade Runner TTRPG for 2022
  • 33
Free League has announced a Blade Runner RPG, set for a 2022 launch. The game is set between the two movies, and uses Free League’s Year Zero Engine. This follows on from the Swedish publisher’s...
Fizban's Treasury Dragons Ranked By Challenge Rating
  • 220
WotC has been sending out previews of Fizban's Treasury of Dragons, due out next month, to folks on Twitter. Amongst those are art pieces and other items. By Challenge Rating the dragons in the...
Meet Level Up's Dragonborn
  • 36
We’ve already taken a look at the planetouched tieflings and aasimar, but now it’s time to peek at the mighty dragonborn! The dragonborn evolved somewhat during the playtest process, and we’re...
Monolith Updates on the Batman RPG
  • 9
Announced a year ago, there's new news on French publisher Monolith's upcoming BATMAN: Gotham City Chronicles RPG! These images are works-in-progress (some are in French, but the game will be...
Congratulations to the 2021 ENnie Award Winners
  • 9
Last night at Gen Con, the 2021 ENnie Award winners were announced. Product of the Year was Alice is Missing by Renegade Game Studios, while the fan favorite publisher was Free League. Best...
Watch Paizo's Gen Con Keynote Speech
  • 3
Paizo's Erik Mona has delivered the keynote address for Pathfinder and Starfinder via Gen Con Online. You can watch it below.
D&D Celebration Schedule
  • 69
From September 23-26, the D&D community comes together for D&D Celebration – a weekend celebrating the release of The Wild Beyond the Witchlight, and previewing Fizban’s Treasury of Dragons (Oct...
Paizo Launches Community Content Program
  • 39
Paizo has joined the likes of WotC, Chaosium, EN Publishing, and many other publishers in launching a community content program at DriveThruRPG which grants access to much of its IP for both...
Check out Level Up: Advanced 5E's TARRASQUE!
  • 24
If you've been following the Level Up forum, you may know of the A-Z monster thread where a monster from Level Up's Monstrous Menagerie has been previewed every few days for the last few weeks...
Preview Witchlight's New Rabbit People
  • 379
You can take a look at the harengons, a rabbit-themed race in the upcoming Wild Beyond the Witchlight, over at D&D Beyond. Harengons are medium or small humanoids with a bonus to initiative...
Teach Your Cat To Role-play
  • 12
If you've ever wanted to play a tabletop roleplaying game with your cat, now's your chance! How to RPG with your Cat is a new Kickstarter for a roleplaying game where your actual cat plays...
D&D Movie: Action Packed, Funny as Hell
  • 170
According to Justice Smith, one of the stars of the upcoming Dungeons and Dragons movie, the film is "action-packed, thrilling, funny as hell"...
Here's A Preview of Savage Worlds Super Powers Companion!
  • 0
Pinnacle Entertainment Group has kindly sent along this preview of the Super Powers Companion for Savage Worlds, which they are crowdfunding directly on their own website. This is a look a one of...
Check out Witchlight's Table of Contents
  • 18
There's a (blurry) image of Wild Beyond The Witchlight's table of contents floating round on the internet. It purportedly comes from this Imgur account, but I can't see it there. Introduction...
Check Out GF9's Witchlight DM Screen
  • 7
With Wild beyond the Witchlight coming out on the 21st, here's a quick glimpse of the DM Screen coming from Gale Force 9. The Witchlight Carnival is a fairground of kaleidoscopic tents and wagons...
Level Up: Exploration Pillar Trailer
  • 6
Check out these short teaser trailers of Level Up: Advanced 5th Edition. Each focuses on a specific aspect of the upcoming game, which comes to Kickstarter on October 5th.
Wild Beyond the Witchlight Previews
  • 79
Various websites have small previews for the upcoming Wild Beyond the Witchlight D&D adventure. D&D Beyond has the jabberwock. SYFY has a look at Hither, a fairy-tale swamp. Polygon reveals the...
Tracy & Laura Hickman Announce Skyraiders of Abarax
  • 55
Tracy and Laura Hickman, known for the Dragonlance setting and the original Ravenloft module, have announced a D&D 5E setting called Skyraiders of Abarax. It will be coming to Kickstarter this...
Crossing the Titan’s Garden
  • 47
The exploration pillar is a large part of Level Up; Advanced 5th Edition. One aspect of this third of the game are our new journey rules. In this article, we’re going to walk you through a...

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