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Russ Morrissey


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Russ Morrissey

Russ Morrissey

On Fantasy Grounds D&D Increases Dominance To 71%
  • 51
If you thought Roll20's 52% was impressive, on Fantasy Grounds D&D is now 71% of games. Pathfinder (both editions) comes to 13% in second place. These figures are for Q4, 2020. D&D is so big...
Let’s Look At The Old Ravenloft Boxed Set!
  • 40
I pulled this old gem off my shelves and delved inside for the first time in years. Let's take a quick look at the Ravenloft boxed set for AD&D 2E, from way back in 1990! It has four big...
Everything We Know About The Ravenloft Book
  • 224
Here is a list of everything we know so far about the upcoming Van Richten's Guide to Ravenloft. Art by Paul Scott Canavan May 18th, 256 pages 30 domains (with 30 villainous darklords) Barovia...
Full Wraparound Cover Art For Ravenloft
  • 13
We've seen the cover already, but here's a look at the full wraparound art by Anna Podedworna.
Here's the Ravenloft Alternate Cover!
  • 25
As usual, there is an alternate hobby-store exclusive cover for the upcoming Ravenloft book. Here's a look at it! And here's the full wraparound art...
[Updated with cover!] The D&D Book Is.... Van Richten's Guide to Ravenloft!
  • 179
Yesterday's hints that a new D&D book would be announced today have born fruit -- we now have a product description and a title! It's a Ravenloft setting book, with tools and new rules for...
Roll20's Latest Numbers: Cthulhu Holding Strong!
  • 63
Roll20 has released its usage stats for Q4 2020, and D&D maintains its multi-year firm lead with over half the games being played, and Call of Cthulhu continues to cement itself in 2nd place...
Level Up: Exploration Challenges, Boons, & Monster Signs
  • 40
We looked at exploration in Level Up: Advanced 5th Edition in a previous article about how we’re expanding the exploration pillar of the game. In that article we talked about Supplies, Safe...
Bridgerton Star Regé-Jean Page Joins D&D Movie
  • 155
Regé-Jean Page has joined the cast of the upcoming Dungeons & Dragons movie - which currently has Chris Pine, Michelle Rodriguez, and Justice Smith attached - in a leading role, according to...
Entertain Your Players For A Single Session With These One-Page Adventures
  • 2
A book containing 25 colorful, illustrated one-page adventures, each designed for a single session of play with little or no preparation, is now live on Kickstarter! Need a quick, fun, one-shot...
Is The One Ring 2E Kickstarter going to break the records?
  • 189
At over $140K in the first half hour and shooting quickly past the $200K mark before the first hour was up, the numbers on Free League's Kickstarter for the 2nd Edition of The One Ring are...
A Savage Pathfinder Q&A
  • 22
With a week or so left on their Kickstarter, the folks behind Pathfinder for Savage Worlds were kind enough to answer a few questions...
Gale Force 9 v WotC Lawsuit Settled
  • 27
Not long after the Weis & Hickman lawsuit against WotC was voluntarily dismissed without prejudice, the suit brought by GF9 against the company has also been settled and dismissed at the request...
Check Out The One Ring 2E's Pre-Kickstarter Video!
  • 57
The Kickstarter for The One Ring 2E launches this coming Thursday, February 11th. Free League has released a short teaser showing off some of the atmospheric artwork. “This is the Master-ring...
Nightfall Reveals The Terminator RPG Cover
  • 3
With the caption "Coming very soon to Kickstarter", Nightfall Games has revealed the cover of its upcoming Terminator RPG. The Quickstart was released back in December...
Michelle Rodriguez, Justice Smith Join D&D Movie
  • 374
From Comic Book Movies -- "Michelle Rodriguez (Avatar) and Justice Smith (Detective Pikachu) have joined Wonder Woman 1984's Chris Pine in Paramount and eOne's upcoming big-budget board game...
Level Up: Works In Progress
  • 17
Here’s a quick glance at some of the nearly completed parts of the Level Up: Advanced 5th Edition core rulebook! Awesome layout by Frank Michienzi. Art from Claudio Pozas and Shen Fei. Writing...
"The Women of Dragonlance" -- Larry Elmore's New Dragonlance Painting
  • 84
Iconic D&D artist Larry Elmore has been working on a new Dragonlance painting. He has been sharing progress pictures over recent weeks. This is apparently a commission for a client, and is...
Jon Peterson: Does System Matter?
  • 463
D&D historian Jon Peterson asks the question on his blog as he does a deep dive into how early tabletop RPG enthusiasts wrestled with the same thing. Based around the concept that 'D&D can do...
Level Up: Spending Gold (At Higher Levels)
  • 55
One of the challenges with designing an advanced 5th Edition (A5E) is filling in some of the areas of the original (O5E) game which have room for expansion. We’ve looked previously at how we’re...

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