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Russ Morrissey


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The Wild Beyond The Witchlight

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Fizban's Treasury of Dragons

November 2021
Strixhaven: Curriculum of Chaos


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Russ Morrissey

Russ Morrissey

WotC Explains 'Canon' In More Detail
  • 669
Recently, WotC's Jeremy Crawford indicated that only the D&D 5th Edition books were canonical for the roleplaying game. In a new blog article, Chris Perkins goes into more detail about how that...
Pre-Order Doctor Who 2E Now!
  • 7
The Doctor Who RPG 2nd Edition is now available as a PDF or hardcover as a pre-order. The award-winning Doctor Who: The Roleplaying Game has regenerated into a new Second Edition that is...
Games Workshop Gives Staff £5,000 Bonus
  • 32
While the pandemic has hit many industries hard, the tabletop gaming industry has -- shipping issues aside -- not suffered the way many others have. Nottingham-based Games Workshop is one such...
What's In A Capstone?
  • 32
A capstone feature represents the highest point of your adventuring career: that special ability you get when you reach 20th level in your chosen class. It’s a reward for countless adventures —...
WotC Is Designing Adventures With Shorter Content Chunks
  • 88
In a recent interview, WotC’s Jeremy Crawford talked about how WotC’s D&D design accommodates streaming and busier adult gamers by dividing adventures into shorter, bite-sized content...
You Can Now Buy Mike Schley's Ravenloft Maps
  • 10
Mike Schley's maps from Van Richten's Guide to Ravenloft are now available to purchase in high resolution from his website. You can grab a map bundle with 6 digital DM and player maps for $10, or...
RA Salvatore Wants To Correct Drizzt’s Racist Tropes
  • 322
In an interview with Polygon, the author talks about how the drow are currently being redefined in D&D, and how he wants to be part of that process. ”But on the other hand, if the drow are being...
Cubicle 7 Shares Victoriana’s New Cover
  • 37
Last week Cubicle 7 announced that it would be releasing a new edition of its ‘Victorian Shadowrun’ style RPG, powered by the D&D 5E rule set. Today they’ve revealed Antonio De Luca’s cover of the...
Tal’Dorei Reborn from Critical Role's Darrington Press
  • 96
Critical Role's publishing arm, Darrington Press, has announced that it is relaunching the Tal'Dorei campaign setting (which was originally published inn 2017 by Green Ronin). The new setting is...
WotC: Novels & Non-5E Lore Are Officially Not Canon
  • 1,651
At a media press briefing last week, WotC's Jeremey Crawford clarified what is and is not canon for D&D. "For many years, we in the Dungeons & Dragons RPG studio have considered things like D&D...
Homeworld: Revelations RPG For Pre-order
  • 11
Modiphius has made its upcoming Homeworld: Revelations RPG available for pre-order. Each pre-order gets a 69-page Quickstarter to get you going while you wait for the full rulebook. The core...
ZEITGEIST Returns, Plus Mephits & Shakespearian Figures
  • 1
Our weekly news roundup here at EN Publishing includes a return to our critically-acclaimed ZEITGEIST world with a new adventure, along with the usual D&D and WOIN updates. And don't forget, our...
  • 4
Death of the Author is a gorgeous 65-page softcover standalone adventure for 3rd level D&D 5th Edition characters, set on a remote island full of murder and mystery. This quickstarter for a brand...
Top 5 Tabletop RPGs Spring 2021: Cyberpunk Gains!
  • 101
ICv2 has released its periodic bestseller list of tabletop roleplaying games in the US and Canada for spring 2021. Dungeons & Dragons takes the top spot as it has done every quarter since Summer...
Warduke, Kelek, Strongheart Miniatures!
  • 78
The official miniatures sets from WizKids for The Wild Beyond the Witchlight include 'The League of Malevolence' set and the 'Valor's Call' set, and contain a whole bunch of characters from the...
So Much Witchlight Art!
  • 27
During a video this weekend, WotC's Chris Perkins, Ari Levitch and Kate Irwin took a look a The Wild Beyond the Witchlight. You can watch the video below, but if you can't, EN World member @darjr...
Look at all this Draconic Fizban art!
  • 48
Here's a bunch of art from Fizban's Treasury of Dragons! Fizban himself has a new look from Nikki Dawes, and there's a gorgeous spread of the full wraparound cover art by Chris Rahn.
Everything You Need To Know About Witchlight
  • 91
Todd Kenrick posted a video summarizing a press conference which listed many of the things you need to know about The Wild Beyond the Witchlight. The video is below, but I've bullet-pointed the...
Is Paladine Bahamut? Is Takhisis Tiamat? Fizban's Treasury Might Reveal The Answer!
  • 776
According to WotC's James Wyatt, Fizban's Treasury of Dragons introduces a new cosmology for dragon gods, where the same beings, including Fizban, echo across various D&D campaign settings with...
Check out Fizban's Alternate Cover!
  • 44
WotC's James Wyatt talked to Polygon about Fizban's Treasury of Dragons, which also revealed the alternate cover, which you can only get from hobby stores...

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