Russ Morrissey

Russ Morrissey
Diamond Distributors Top 100 RPG Products By Sales
  • 7
Over on ICv2 you can see a full list of the 100 bestselling roleplaying game products in 2019 sold by Diamond Comic Distributors. Top of the list is Pathfinder 2E. Green Ronin features high with both the first Critical Role setting book, Tal’Dorei, and The Expanse. Diamond is only one of many distributors in the US and does not carry all RPG product lines; so don’t take this as an industry...
WFRP Release Updates for 2020
  • 18
Cubicle 7 has shared some information about their release schedule for Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay in 2020.
The Top RPG Podcasts Of 2019
  • 3
Over the last month, I've sought nominations, held two giant polls which received thousands of votes, and announced the results on my own podcast. Now, here are the Top 10 tabletop RPG podcasts of 2019 in both the "Talk" and "Actual Play" categories as voted on by you!
One Page Adventure: Bastard's Revenge
  • 0
I just released my 15th D&D ONE PAGE ADVENTURE! This is another adventure which runs alongside your existing adventures, each encounter taking place at a different tavern. With decades of adventuring behind him it’s finally time for TALLADIO to rest his blade and settle down. Unfortunately however this charismatic vagabond’s past is coming back to haunt him—he was a glorious monster slayer and...
Monte Cook Games’ Next Kickstarter Is Ptolus (for 5E and Cypher)
  • 52
Monte Cook Games’ February Kickstarter (they tend to operate on about two per year) is Monte Cook’s massive city setting Ptolus. It will be available for both D&D 5E and for their own Cypher System.
They Came from Beyond the Grave from Onyx Path
  • 1
Onyx Path has announced a new tabletop RPG called They Came From Beyond the Grave, slated for a 2021 release. This follows They Came From Beneath The Sea, which was successfully Kickstarted recently.
Unearthed Arcana: Four New Subclasses
  • 141
There's a new Unearthed Arcana from Ben Petrisor, Dan Dillon, Bill Benham, Jeremy Crawford, F. Wesley Schneider. This one has four new subclasses Path of the Beast (Barbarian), Way of Mercy (Monk), Oath of the Watchers (Paladin), Noble Genie (Warlock).
Explorer's Guide to Wildemount Rockets to #1 In 'All Books' on Amazon
  • 44
When the Amazon page for Explorer's Guide to Wildemount leaked, the book went straight to #15 in all books (not just games, or even just fantasy - all books!) on Amazon before WotC had even said a word about it. It quickly jumped to #3 on Monday, and as of today... it is currently sitting at #1. In ALL books.
Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous Video Game Coming
  • 13
Owlcat Studios is following up its Kingmaker video game with another Pathfinder adventure path: Wrath of the Righteous. This one has you recruiting armies and fighting demon hordes.
Matt Mercer Speaks About The Wildemount Book
  • 119
Matt Mercer posted on Reddit about the upcoming D&D setting book. "As the info seemed to leak a liiiiiiittle early yesterday, I just wanted to write something to reach out to the greater, non-critter DnD crowd regarding this book, what it means to me, and what I hope it means to you".
Here Are The Cards In Laeral Silverhand Explorer's Kit
  • 16
The upcoming Laeral Silverhand Explorer's Kit includes a large map, a dice set, and a 20 cards. Here's the content of those cards, which include locations, NPCs, and factions.
Here's The Official Wildemount Announcement!
  • 232
After the various leaks over the weekend from Amazon and Barnes & Noble, the official announcement has just dropped! It's a different description to the one on Amazon, and contains a little bit more information about the contents of the upcoming setting book, which includes four introductory adventures!
Here's The Cover Of The Explorer's Guide to Wildemount; Plus It's #15 In Amazon Bestsellers!
  • 118
While Amazon may have revealed the title and description of The Explorer's Guide to Wildemount earlier, it had no cover art. Barnes & Noble, on the other hand, has the cover but at the time of writing no title or description. Here it is! The official announcement should be coming later today. In the meantime, the book - which has not yet been announced! - is already #15 in the bestsellers...
The New D&D Book Is 'The Explorer's Guide to [Critical Role's] Wildemount!' By Matt Mercer
  • 775
It looks like Amazon has leaked the title and description of the new D&D book a day early (unless it's all a fake-out by WotC) -- and it's a new D&D setting book called The Explorer's Guide to Wildemount; it's the Critical Role campaign setting, penned by Matt Mercer!
Custom Miniatures In Full Colour!
  • 37
I just stumbled across this. Custom miniatures — in colour! I don’t know any more than you can see on the Kickstarter ‘coming soon’ page, but I’ll be keeping an eye open for the launch.
Hilarious typos in D&D books
  • 63
Posted without comment. Or with little comment, at least. This from Descent into Avernus.
Lay-offs at Fantasy Flight Games?
  • 36
Rumours have been posted over on Reddit that layoffs are taking place at FFG, which produces the Star Wars and Genesys RPGs, amongst many other things, most notably a metric ton of board games.
WotC Delays New D&D Book Announcement
  • 204
This from WotC — “Get the quasits out of our office! Our plan to make a D&D book announcement on Thursday has been changed. Adventurers, mark your calendars for Monday, January 13.”
Want To Playtest The Fallout RPG?
  • 21
Modiphius has just opened up the sign-up process for the closed beta of the upcoming Fallout RPG. Details below: Modiphius Entertainment is excited to announce that the closed beta sign ups for the Fallout 2d20 RPG are now live! The closed beta will allow you and your group to play test the upcoming official Fallout 2d20 RPG and have your feedback implemented within its design. You can...
Vote For The Most Anticipated Tabletop RPG Of 2020
  • 74
It's time to start voting for your 10 Most Anticipated Tabletop RPGs for 2020! Nominations were taken over the last month, resulting in a list of nearly 60 games, and voting will remain open until Tuesday, January 14th.

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