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BEAUTIFUL worksheets. These are definitely something to aspire to for everyone who makes their own campaign too.
These. Are. FANTASTIC!

I found these online somewhere else. Very nice to see the complete collection here. Thanks!!
Gorgeous and complete. Definitely worth keeping on-hand.
A finely formatted .pdf file with a decent collection of NPC traits. Adding dice rolls— even considering the author's aversion to them for the sake of this document's brevity —and removing the single use of ostentatious verbiage would make this 4 stars. There's no need to use "kohled eyes" in this document. Virtually no one is going to know what that means. Even Google wasn't immediately helpful on the subject when I just tried to look it up, because that term is so archaic. "...painted her eyes and lips..."–Reba McEntire. 'Nough said. ;)
Unfortunately, this is a low quality .docx worksheet with simple Word Document style boxes full of badly formatted, scrunched up text at the top of the columns. Maybe the bad formatting is due to me opening the file with OpenOffice (extremely popular, free software) instead of Microsoft Word ($160?!?!?!!?! or a monthly fee?). A .pdf version of this file may have saved it from the bad formatting issues. I'm a TREMENDOUS fan of any kind of worksheet, but I really can't see myself ever using this one.
Even without reading this book, such an undertaking— of itself —deserves the deepest respect.
Having been away for a while and returning to 3ed this is a great resource. Thanks
Holy cow!!! Thanks men!
Good job! Pretty helpful