Contact details for EN World and EN Publishing.

To contact EN World, please use the following details. Note that Kickstarter news and non-Kickstarter news have different addresses.

By email

Owner Morrus
Business Manager Jessica Hancock
Advertising Ed Healy
EN5ider Editor Mike Myler
Gate Pass Gazette Savannah Broadway
Columnists Editor Michael Tresca
Art Director Umut Comak
News Scoops (not Kickstarters)
Kickstarter News (weekly roundup) Egg Embry
Podcast Morrus
EN Publishing Support Xin Lewis

EN World's advertising is handled directly by the Gamerati network run by Ed Healy. We can currently accommodate a range of ad types, including banners, skyscrapers, and rectangles.

EN World reaches over 500,000 unique gamers each month, and over 5 million per year, and serves millions of targeted ad impressions every single month.

For more information, please contact Ed Healy at or phone (253) 777-0296.

Here are some of our demographics (as of November 2019).

Our mailing address is

EN Publishing
PO Box 1945
SO18 9QW
United Kingdom