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Gale Force 9 Shows Off D&D 'Of Ships & The Sea' DM Screen
  • 22
Gale Force Nine has shared some pictures of the new DM Screen geared at nautical adventures, Of Ships & The Sea. The website says "Pre-Order - Mid June", so I'm not sure if it's available yet.
Your Opinion Matters
  • 37
I’d like to ask you a favor. The next time (or ideally every time) you buy an RPG product, leave a short review. You might not think your opinion is that important, or that a line or two on a Drivethrurpg review is any use. But I promise you, it really helps in a lot of ways.
Check Out The One Ring 2E’s Cover Art!
  • 47
Cubicle 7 has just revealed the cover art (by Johan Grenier) of the new version of The One Ring roleplaying game.
Green Ronin's Gen Con Lineup
  • 5
Green Ronin has sent out its Sell Sheets for the new products it will have available at Gen Con -- Mutants & Masterminds Deluxe Gamemaster's Guide and Superteam Handbook, Modern Age Threefold setting, and Fantasy Age Campaign Builder's Guide. (Thanks to Egg Embry for the scoop).
Nominate The Top 10 Mobile Apps For Tabletop RPGs!
  • 26
Back in January I took nominations for the best RPG podcast of 2018, and everybody voted The Adventure Zone (best actual play) and The Good Friends of Jackson Elias (best talk) as the winners. Now I'm doing the same with mobile apps -- what are your favourite RPG mobile apps?
Dragon Reflections #23
  • 10
The Dragon Issue 23 was published in March 1979. It is 32 pages long, with a cover price of $2.00. In this issue, we have permanent damage rules, variant rules for En Garde!, and a random fiend generator!
News Digest: Countdown to Pathfinder 2nd Ed Event Announced, New Star Trek Adventures Book, Warhamme
  • 2
Hello everyone, Darryl here with this week’s gaming news! The Countdown to Pathfinder 2nd Edition starts this week, nominees for the Diana Jones Award announced, voting for the ENnies open, the Alpha Quadrant and Deep Space Nine covered in the new Star Trek Adventures: Alpha Quadrant Sourcebook, and more!
Podcast #57: The Expanse Role Playing Game
  • 0
This week, Morrus and Peter explore The Expanse Role Playing Game from Green Ronin. In the news, Bloomberg’s story on people paid to dungeonmaster for Dungeons & Dragons, A Touch More Class Kickstarter in its final days, ENnie Award voting is open, new Vampire: The Masquerade 5th Edition products and organized play, new John Carter of Mars releases, Countdown to Pathfinder 2nd Edition, yet another “D&D is cool now” article from a major news outlet, and more plus a brand new sketch!

RPG Crowdfunding News – Fragged Empire, Torg Eternity, Trinity Continuum: Aberrant, Chivalry & Sorce

  • 2
Between July 26th to August 1st a number of franchises are offering new editions and sourcebooks. Fragged Empire, Torg Eternity, Aberrant, and Chivalry & Sorcery are just a sampling of the book ending during that timeframe.
Diana Jones Award Nominees 2019
  • 6
The Diana Jones Awards (named after the remaining piece of the Indiana Jones RPG encased in the trophy) has announced its nominees for 2019. Every year an anonymous group of industry members select a handful of nominees, which are announced at a private event during Gen Con. Last year's winner was the movement of Actual Play.

Interview with Nelyhann (Shadows of Esteren) - Fateforge for 5e and Gaming in France

  • 4
What happens when the creators behind Shadows of Esteren – an award-winning RPG with 4 ENnie Awards in 2013 and 2016 – get their hands on the Open Gaming License (OGL) and decide to make an RPG for Dungeons & Dragons 5e? I asked Nelyhann, one of the minds behind Studio Agate and Shadows of Esteren, about Fateforge (5e) on Kickstarter and gaming in France where Studio Agate is based.
EN5ider #281: ZEITGEIST #7 - Schism (Part 2)
  • 0
EN5ider continues delving into the intrigue of ZEITGEIST with today's installment into the steampunk adventure path, bringing a narrative close to the 7th module in the series (expect a companion PDF filled to the brim with NPC and monster statistics later this month).
Star Trek's Alpha Quadrant Sourcebook Coming Next Week
  • 7
Modiphius has announced that the Alpha Quadrant Sourcebook for Star Trek Adventures will be out on July 25th. 11 alien species, new starships, and lots of information about the Federation and worlds of the quadrant, available from their web store very soon.
Mythological Figures: Vlad the Impaler (5E)
  • 20
The Mythological Figures column has been hijacked by builds using the material from A Touch More Class for a while now: Sherlock Holmes as a savant, Nikola Tesla as a tinkerer, Billy the Kidd as a gunfighter, Paul Bunyan as a monster tamer alongside Babe the blue ox, Harry Houdini as a fatebender, and Zhang Zhou as a geomancer. Today though we’re switching it up a bit and calling up a class from the original A Touch of Class.

I Wrote a Book: Resurrecting a Legend

  • 1
This is a series of posts about taking the plunge into self-publishing on multiple platforms with different media, including books and comics, but it can equally apply to tabletop role-playing games. I published three books in 2010 (The Evolution of Fantasy Role-Playing Games), 2011 (The Well of Stars), and 2012 (Awfully Familiar) and produced a mobile comic (Legends) in 2008. In this article, I relaunch my comic on Amazon's Kindle and Comixology.
It's The Last Chance To Back A TOUCH MORE CLASS! Just Days Left!
  • 0
There are only a few days left to back the A TOUCH MORE CLASS Kickstarter! Join nearly 2,000 backers with these nine new classes for your 5th Edition games. Remember, we delivery Kickstarters immediately they end, so there won't be any opportunity for pledge managers or late pledges! Here's a look at all the stuff you can get in this epic-sized Kickstarter!
Vampire 5 Organized Play Launches
  • 7
Modiphius has announced the official Vampire: The Masquerade 5th edition Organized Play campaign, with a sign-up form to run games at major conventions, receiving the official adventures before release starting with The Fall of London before Christmas.

World of Revilo 5e Kickstarter - Interview with Creature Curation’s Brian Colin

  • 4
Sculptor, gamer, and creature curator Brian Colin is bringing his world, Revilo, to Dungeons & Dragons 5e. It’s a world where recently “humans, elves, and dwarves have crashed onto the coast of Revilo, discovering the land. One human has built an army. Will the rest of Revilo be able to form an alliance before this army conquers them?”

Matthew Sprange, Mongoose Publishing, Discusses Traveller and Paranoia

  • 7
Seventeen years of writing and publishing RPGs like Conan, Babylon 5, Traveller, Legend, and Paranoia. Through Mongoose Publishing, Matthew Sprange continues to create RPGs designed to be played and enjoyed.
Podcast #56: Modiphius' Sam Webb on The Spy Game
  • 0
This week, Morrus and Peter are joined by Sam Webb from Black Cat Gaming and Modiphius to talk about The Spy Game, the 5e-based espionage thriller RPG on Kickstarter now! In the news, ENnie nominations, Pathfinder 2nd Edition adventure path previews, Fallout RPG released, a site outage at EN World, and more! Plus Our Favorite Game in All the World (with a brand-new theme song!) and a new sketch!


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