Critical Role Suspends Broadcasts
  • 49
With the ongoing global health crisis, Critical Role has announced that all live broadcasts will be suspended for the foreseeable future, starting today.
Beowulf 5E: The Hermit's Sanctuary Free Adventure
  • 13
You can download a free D&D adventure called The Hermit's Sanctuary from Handiwork Games, as part of their upcoming 5E-powered Beowulf: Age of Heroes setting. It's designed for one player and one...
Free Stuff During The Pandemic!
  • 27
Some RPG companies are making materials available for free to help those staying at home during the pandemic, or moving to online play.
Pathfinder Lost Omens: Gods and Magic Review
  • 5
Hello again my delightful darlings and welcome back to the PAIZO NEWS ROUNDUP! We have another product review for y’all this edition: a deeper look at Pathfinder Lost Omens: Gods and Magic! I was...
RPG Superstar Is Back... But It's Different!
  • 10
For a long time, Paizo held an annual RPG Superstar competition. It was a bit like The X Factor or American Idol, but you had to design Pathfinder things (magic items, monsters, etc.), with the...
5E EN5ider #322 - ZEITGEIST 10 : Godmind (Part 1)
  • 0
In the 10th module of the ZEITGEIST adventure path the PCs face a fundamentally altered world filled with a host of fey titans!
5E Epic Monsters: Caliban
  • 11
“That, if I then had waked after long sleep, will make me sleep again | and then in dreaming, the clouds me thought would open | and show riches ready to drop upon me, that when I waked I cried to dream again.” If you know who today’s entry in Mythological Figures is already, unlike me you’d have answered that televised trivia show question with The Tempest and won the game: Caliban!​
Game Design Masterclass: Alien
  • 22
In looking at examples of great game mechanics I don’t often pick a modern system. But I’ve not seen a system as well designed as Alien since Pendragon – and I don’t say that lightly. Free...
Podcast #91: Professional Dungeon Masters
  • 12
This week, Morrus and Peter discuss professional Dungeon Masters including a hands-on review of hiring someone to run a Dungeons & Dragons game for you. In the news, Fantasy Flight’s roleplaying...
GaryCon Cancelled Because Of Caronavirus Pandemic
  • 38
Gary Con, which was due to take place this month in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin, has been cancelled because of the Coronavirus pandemic.
Ed Greenwood & Alex Kammer Working On 'The Border Kingdoms'
  • 46
Designer Alex Kammer has shared some information about a Forgotten Realms expansion he and FR-creator Ed Greenwood are working on. It will be Adventurer's League-legal, and detail a frontier...
One Page Adventure: Flight of the Almost Dragons
  • 1
This might be one of the most fun One Page Adventures yet - and I've done 17 of them now! A group of kobolds dreams of flying, and they've found a crashed airship. Can the PCs help them to repair it and fulfill their ambitions? Based on the TRAILseeker adventure by Charlie Brooks.
News Digest for the Week of March 13
  • 6
Hello everyone, Darryl here with this week’s gaming news! Lord of the Rings license finds a new home as does Fantasy Flight's RPGs, ICv2 sales rankings for Fall 2019 released, Critical Role coming...
When Pandemic Isn't Just a Game
  • 11
The World Health Organization (WHO) recently announced that the outbreak of the COVID-19 virus is officially a pandemic. The implications for what a pandemic means for the tabletop gaming industry...
Origins Awards Nominees Include Alien, Pathfinder, And More!
  • 20
This year's Origins Award nominees have been announced. In the role-playing games category, we have Alien, Over the Edge, Pathfinder 2E, Star Crossed and Teens in Space. Role-Playing Games...
Dragon Reflections #31
  • 24
TSR Periodicals published The Dragon Issue 31 in November 1979. It is 56 pages long and has a cover price of $2.00. In this issue, Gary Gygax tells us why you can't game in Middle Earth, Eric...
The Troubleshooters: 60's Cartoon Themed RPG
  • 71
With influences like Tintin, Scooby-Doo, and The Man from UNCLE, The Troubleshooters is a "new action-adventure tabletop roleplaying game in the style of Franco-Belgian comics" from Swedish...
Crowdfunding News: Ptolus, Pasión de las Pasiones, and more
  • 13
Among the RPG crowdfunding projects that end between March 20 and 26, there are several that use Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition rules as well as some Powered by the Apocalypse options...
FFG Star Wars & Other Roleplaying Games Aren't Going Away After All
  • 25
A couple of weeks ago rumours surfaced that Fantasy Flight Games‘ Star Wars and other RPGs were going away permanently (this followed earlier reports of layoffs at the company). It looks like this...
5E Goodman Games is Reincarnating Castle Amber
  • 67
The new installment in the Original Adventures Reincarnated line has been announced and it is X2 - Castle Amber. They fled from the far-flung land of Averoigne: the Amber family, a bloodline of...


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