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September 2021
The Wild Beyond The Witchlight

October 2021
Possible Dragon Book?

November 2021
Strixhaven: Curriculum of Chaos


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WotC Takes Control of D&D Translations
  • 66
WotC has just announced that it is taking direct control of French, Italian, German, and Spanish versions of its D&D books (which previously were licensed to third parties). They’ll also be...
What Threatens Middenheim in the Adventure The Horned Rat?
  • 9
Middenheim is one of those places you don’t easily forget. It could be a Chaos cult trying to burn down the city. Or imaginary rat-men said to be lurking just beneath the street. In The Horned Rat...
RPG Print News – Cubicle 7, Pegasus Spiele, Game Tank, and More
  • 21
This week brings an amazing wizard’s dice tower built out of toy bricks, adventures for D&D, and a Warhammer FRPG adventure and adventure support. Talisman Adventures the RPG is finally here in...
RPG Crowdfunding News – Monsters of Murka, Extreme Meatpunks Forever, MAZES, and more
  • 4
Since it’s Pride Month, I’m showcasing LGBTQIA+ themed products as well as other awesome RPGs in this week’s update. These RPG crowdfunding campaigns end between June 17 and July 1, so check them...
Deities and Demigods AD&D 1E Manuscript Auction
  • 70
Jim Ward’s original Dieties and Demigods manuscript is on auction at eBay. As of the time of writing it’s at $11,000...
More Details From Marvel RPG Writer
  • 77
Matt Forbeck, the writer of the upcoming official Marvel Multiverse RPG, talked a little more about the game on his blog...
Level Up Playtest Document: #18: Combat
  • 62
This is a big one, folks. If any playtest document needed playing rather than just reading, this is it. What we are giving you here is the entire combat chapter. You can use this chapter in your...
Unearthed Arcana: Mages of Strixhaven
  • 1,078
An Unearthed Arcana playtest document for the upcoming Strixhaven: Curriculum of Chaos hardcover has been released by WotC! "Become a student of magic in this installment of Unearthed Arcana...
Stout and Hairy?
  • 26
The appearance of halflings in Dungeons & Dragons have come a long way since their hobbit roots from Lord of the Rings. If the latest stew from Heroes' Feast is any indication, they didn't stray...
Photos from the D&D Movie Set
  • 50
The D&D movie is currently filming at Alnwick Castle in Northumberland. A number of onlookers have posted photos from the set on Twitter, as has Newcastle's The Chronicle. Check the link for lots...
Check Out Wild Beyond the Witchlight's Back Cover & Text
  • 51
Wild Beyond the Witchlight now has a back cover, complete with product text! The adventure is for levels 1-8, and features a poster map. Something Wicked This Way Comes Once every eight years...
Witchlight Promo Video: Ellywick Tumblestrum
  • 310
WotC posted this short video on its social media accounts today, featuring a character called Ellywick Tumblestrum, who is a bard from the Magic: the Gathering D&D set, Adventures in the Forgotten...
EN5ider #395 - Tabi's Automata
  • 0
Companions can die unexpectedly and sometimes you need more than muscle or wit to best the trials of adventuring—next time you run into such a task, EN5ider suggests you rent out some mechanical help!
And Here Is Strixhaven's Cover Art!
  • 97
It's not just The Wild Beyond The Witchlight's cover art being revealed today! We also have Magali Villeneuve's cover art for Strixhaven: Curriculum of Chaos! Strixhaven is an upcoming D&D setting...
Wild Beyond The Witchlight Has A 'Feywild Adventure Accessory Kit'
  • 20
In addition to the hardcover adventure coming later this year, the fey-themed Wild Beyond The Witchlight has an accessory kit, according to Amazon. There's not much info about it, other than a...
Here Is The Full & Alternate Cover Art Of The Wild Beyond the Witchlight
  • 72
Here is the cover art for The Wild Beyond the Witchlight, the hardcover D&D product revealed this weekend. Cover art by Tyler Jacobson Alternate cover by Hydro74...
Mythological Figures: Florence Nightingale
  • 11
We’re looking after you today on Mythological Figures with a woman who is indelibly woven throughout the practice of modern nursing: the Lady with the Lamp, Florence Nightingale!
Into the Mother Lands - An Original Afrofuturist TTRPG: An Interview With B. Dave Walters
  • 7
At EN World, Morrus spoke about Into the Mother Lands Kickstarter (here), as did I (here). The campaign has already connected with thousands of fans. On the day it launched, columnist Beth Rimmels...
Level Up's Downtime activities
  • 18
We have a lot of downtime activities available in the advanced edition of 5E. Crafting, information gathering, recovery, religious devotion, research, spell craft, training, and work. Here's a...
Podcast #153: Haunted West with Chris Spivey
  • 2
This week, Morrus and Peter are joined by Chris Spivey to talk about Haunted West. In the news, more Dungeons & Dragons movie news, D&D DM Screen and Dungeon Kit, Critical Role finale, 2021/2022...

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