Last night in the US, the latest episode of The Big Bang Theory sitcom featured more than one reference to the Gary Con convention, and to Gary Gygax. Apparently they mentioned Gary Con twice, and Gygx at least three times. Gary Con is a gaming convention held in Lake Geneva, birthplace of TSR. The convention runs from March 26th-29th this year (tickets here).

    The player at this link apparently has the episode (I can't verify, as I'm not in America and so I just get the "not available" message, but I'm reliably informed that it does). Additionally, one of the scenes can be seen in the YouTube clip, below.

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    1. zszree's Avatar
      zszree -
      Yeah. Watched the episode last night and my wife and daughter just looked at me while I was smiling SO proud they mentioned Gary Gygax and Gary Con. And I said, "Yes, I also know the name of the other co-founder of D&D. Who was from Minneapolis like us as well." =)
    1. halfling rogue's Avatar
      halfling rogue -
      When he said Gary-con, I cracked up immediately and said "Gary Gygax!" and my wife looked at me like an insane person, then heard Sheldon mention Gygax, and a look of confusion came over her, and then he said he was the co-creator of D&D and my wife rolled her eyes at me (like Penny would) and said, "oh...".
    1. MrZeddaPiras's Avatar
      MrZeddaPiras -
      I knew where the joke was going when he said "Lake Geneva". One of the nerdiest moments of my life.
    1. Jack Daniel's Avatar
      Jack Daniel -
      I was actually reading through my 1e books while this aired last night. My wife and I looked at each other and smiled knowingly as soon as Sheldon said that.

      Mainly because we had a player in one of the games I reffed at our FLGS back in Indiana who was a regular attendee of GaryCon. (Sadly, I still haven't been able to muster up the time to make the pilgrimage myself. Yet.)
    1. Henry's Avatar
      Henry -
      I was actually coming here to mention this, but should have figured it wouldn't pass unnoticed.
    1. NewJeffCT -
      It was a pretty good episode, though the Zombie escape room was kind of a disappointment.
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