TITANSGRAVE Episode 4 - Sewer Terror
  • TITANSGRAVE Episode 4 - Sewer Terror

    The latest episode of Wil Wheaton's Titansgrave: The Ashes of Valkana is live. Watch as Wil guides his celebrity players though the the fourth installment of a campaign run with Green Ronin's Fantasy AGE RPG. "After finding themselves declared terrorists in Nestora, the party follows Aucker — a friend of the Beer Baron — to the Nestoran sewers in order to escape their current situation. The city above may have held danger for our adventurers, but will they find even more peril in the ancient city below?"

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    1. TarionzCousin's Avatar
      TarionzCousin -
      And... I've already fallen too far behind.

      Do they summarize the sessions in written form anywhere?
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