Check Out This Preview Of The 13th AGE GM Screen & Resource Book
  • Check Out This Preview Of The 13th AGE GM Screen & Resource Book

    Pelgrane Press has kindly sent along an awesome 7-page preview of their upcoming 13th Age Game Master's Screen and Resource Book (I love showing off previews!) The GM Screen contains, as you'd expect, various tables and reference material from 13th Age. The Resource Book (which is what the below previews are of) is a book of advice and rules for various aspects of play, including creating instant adventures, using terrain in battles, crafting interesting backgrounds and memorable NPCs, and more.

    The screen and book can be preordered now (and you get the PDF immediately, with the hard copy in early 2016). It's $24.95 (£16.95 in the UK). The screen is 3-ply, portrait orientated; the book is 64-pages and includes a 22"x17" fold-out map of the Dragon Empire.

    GM Screen -- 3-ply, portrait. Skill DCs, conditions, monster baseline stats, consumables costs, rules recaps, and more.

    Resource Book -- 64 pages. Icon relationship roles, zero-prep adventures, montages, terrain, environments, creating backgrounds, creating memorable NPCs, and more.

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    1. Doctor Futurity -
      Thanks for the scoop! Welp, off to pre-order.
    1. Grimstaff -
      More and more tempted to give this game a test drive.
    1. JeffB's Avatar
      JeffB -
      Awesome. I will pick up a copy next year.
    1. JohnnyZemo's Avatar
      JohnnyZemo -
      Sounds very useful. I will pick it up. I just wish the screen was landscape rather than portrait.
    1. Evenglare's Avatar
      Evenglare -
      Best d20 game ever IMO.
    1. Blue's Avatar
      Blue -
      Quote Originally Posted by Evenglare View Post
      Best d20 game ever IMO.
      Been running it since it came out, love it. I wish it had the market penetration of 5e or PF, but the timing with the Next Playtest and then 5e coming out put it in competition with a fantastic brand and a similar game experience niche (rules-lighter D&D-type fantasy).

      Not that I wish 5e was worse - it's a great game. But I think in the market it overshadowed 13th Age and this is a wonderful game that more people should pay attention to. If you look at each edition of D&D-like games as fantasy heartbreakers, 5e advanced the state of the art with Advantage/Disadvantage and brought in Inspiration. 13th Age advanced it with the mechanics of Backgrounds, Icons and Icon relationships, brought in One Unique thing and failing forward as well as a host of other ideas that have been out there but not in a fantasy heartbreakers.

      Really, pick up 13th Age - even if it's just to improve your 5e game.
    1. Doctor Futurity -
      I'll just state that of my two groups, one loves 5E and the other prefers Pathfinder.....both of them immensely enjoyed 13th Age and want to play more of it. The game manages to hit a really interesting sweet spot between design, power scaling and freeform play that scratches a lot of itches all at once.
    1. GrahamWills's Avatar
      GrahamWills -
      If you are interested in checking it out, it's the latest deal on Bundle of Holding:

      I would highly recommend that if you expect to stay with pathfinder or 5e, that you go with the larger bundle as the Bestiary and Stone Thief will provide any GM who write their own stuff a huge amount of FRPG inspiration.
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