Check Out Chris Perkins' Handrawn Map Sketches For CURSE OF STRAHD
  • Check Out Chris Perkins' Handrawn Map Sketches For CURSE OF STRAHD

    The falling sketches were drawn by Chris Perkins for Curse of Strahd, the upcoming D&D 5E hardcover adventure. Well, technically, you can only see one, but you get to see it twice. That makes it twice as good. That's how that works, right? This map is entitled "Vistani Camp".

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    1. The Grassy Gnoll's Avatar
      The Grassy Gnoll -
      I wish I could sketch like that!
    1. chibi graz'zt's Avatar
      chibi graz'zt -
      I can ;-)
    1. Chrisbo's Avatar
      Chrisbo -
      Do we get to see the ones below the Vistani Camp map? :-)
    1. TerraDave's Avatar
      TerraDave -
      He's just showing off.
    1. ZE_Lumis's Avatar
      ZE_Lumis -
      Such a lucky guy, getting to work on a legendary adventure like that.
    1. manduck's Avatar
      manduck -
      That's very cool. I like that there are two views so you can really get a sense of what the camp is like. I always like seeing fun little bits like this.
    1. Sadras's Avatar
      Sadras -
      More great material. Keep it coming WoTC!
    1. Gnarl45's Avatar
      Gnarl45 -
      The guy's pretty good at this!
    1. Warbringer's Avatar
      Warbringer -
    1. tuxgeo's Avatar
      tuxgeo -
      As the last Rouseketeer to keep calling myself one in my .signature, it falls to me to remind people about Scott Rouse's comment on EN World about Chris Perkins' sketching ability, posted 13th June 2008:

      Chris Perkins is a super-computer of gaming awesome with his own font and built-in cartography software. The whole system runs on steak.
    1. Celtavian -
      More pain in the ass oddly shaped maps to try to sketch on a wet erase grid map for minis. Other than that, they look good.
    1. edhel's Avatar
      edhel -
      Cool - but I'd draw the landscape view in the same scale as the map.
      Here's an example from B10 Night's Dark Terror:
      Name: zT7d93V.png ► Views: 745 ► Size: 1,842.9 KB
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