CURSE OF STRAHD'S Foreword By Tracy Hickman
  • CURSE OF STRAHD'S Foreword By Tracy Hickman

    The foreword in Curse of Strahd was written by original Ravenloft designer Tracy Hickman. And here it is! Tracy and Laura Hickman wrote I6: Ravenloft 35 years ago, and played a consultant role in this latest revival of the classic adventure, which was written by WotC's Chris Perkins.

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    1. SirGalrim's Avatar
      SirGalrim -
      Woah. Those last sentences gave me shivers! Wish I could play this adventure.
    1. MechaPilot's Avatar
      MechaPilot -
      I like that they are returning to the idea that monsters are monstrous, even if they also happen to be tragic (and possibly even sexy).
    1. wedgeski's Avatar
      wedgeski -
      Tracy discusses this very thing with the WotC guys in one of the recent podcasts, a great listen.
    1. Xavian Starsider's Avatar
      Xavian Starsider -
      Quote Originally Posted by SirGalrim View Post
      Woah. Those last sentences gave me shivers! Wish I could play this adventure.
      Why can't you?
    1. shager's Avatar
      shager -
      His focus on the monster being a monster and not misunderstood, and how that relates to real life abuse, is weighty subject matter indeed. I can imagine a more business-like editor nixing the inclusion of such subject matter into a game book, so kudos to the D&D team for allowing that viewpoint to be discussed by the creator of the material. His thoughts definitely have merit.

      I read Dragonlance for years before I realized that Tracy Hickman and his wife were the true parents of my beloved Ravenloft setting. Talk about two influential people in the golden days of D&D.
    1. Davies's Avatar
      Davies -
      Which is ironic, given the background of the primary offender when it comes to that particular revitalized myth.
    1. Benji's Avatar
      Benji -
      Totally got a text from my store today to say it's gonna be available friday. Very Excited.
    1. Ath-kethin's Avatar
      Ath-kethin -
      Apparently written in May of last year. That's a pretty long development period.

      Edit: or at least, it gives us an idea of the development time frame for the adventures.
    1. Henry's Avatar
      Henry -
      Every time I read Ravenloft, I find it ironic that it's co-written by the same Tracy Hickman who was the author of the "kick-down-the-door" Playstyle Dragon Magazine article and the friendly feud with Monte Cook on that subject...

      ...because "Kick down the door" in Ravenloft (and the Desert of Desolation!) can sometimes get you killed.
    1. SirGalrim's Avatar
      SirGalrim -
      Quote Originally Posted by Xavian Starsider View Post
      Why can't you?
      Well, I ment as a player. And 90% of the time I have to be the GM. I doubt any of my players will choose to GM this. And even as a GM I can't run it for a good while as we are in the middle of two other long campaigns in D&D 5e and TOR. ;-)
    1. Polyhedral_Columbia's Avatar
      Polyhedral_Columbia -
      Can the PCs win the game by initiating a "Co-Dependents of Vampires Anonymous" (COVA) fellowship?

      Too bad there aren't 12 Steps to recover from Vampirism. Or are there...?
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