RPG News for Monday, 24 Dec, 2012
  • Yawning Portal's Disclaimer; Plus New Monsters

    As always with D&D 5th Edition books, Tales from the Yawning Portal has a humourous disclaimer at the front. Here's a quick peek at it (courtesy of Shane Plays). Plus read on for the list of new monsters in the book! Additionally, as an added bonus, CAFRedblade over on the...

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    News Digest: Foreign Language D&D Editions,...

    Hello everyone, Darryl here with this week’s gaming news! Foreign language editions of Dungeons & Dragons announced, Paizo is going a bit diabolic, Ponies are coming very soon, a dinosaur runs a D&D game for science, and a lot more! Wizards of the Coast has taken a very interesting approach to common issues or complaints...

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    WotC's Irwin, Tanji, and Crawford on Tales from...

    The YouTube channel Dungeon Life has posted a video featuring WotC's Kate Irwin (senior art director), Emi Tanji (senior graphic designer), and Jeremy Crawford (managing editor). It talks about designing Tales from the Yawning Portal. One of the themes discussed it how the adventures in the book were kept the same at the...

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    Brazilian D&D Translators Fall Out Over...

    Things are afoot in Brazil, in what will no doubt become known as "Brazil Translatorgate" or something similar - as a dispute breaks out between the Brazilian company Fire on Board for the recently announced Dungeons & Dragons translations and three other companies who claim they had an agreement with Fire on Board to undertake the project as a joint venture. The dispute has...

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  • RPG News for Monday, 24 Dec, 2012

    Announcing the Winner of Battle of the Bards 2012

    Community News

    RPG News

    • The Ehdrigohr Roleplaying Game Kickstarter project has launched. It's a game of epic fantasy and survival horror, based on the Fate system, and Native American traditions.
    • Tin Man Games discusses the 30th anniversary of Warlock of Firetop Mountain as the year comes to a close. You can also check out an interview with Jonathan Green, who is writing You Are The Hero, the book abut the history of the Fighting Fantasy series.
    • Kenzer has released a new Hackmaster adventure, Mugful of Mayhem, for 6th-8th level characters. "This adventure is set on the southern border of the great Kalamaran Empire abutting the tumultuous lands of Tarisato. In the border city of Balelido, the PCs rescue a young but enterprising merchant. Impressed with their adroitness at quickly extricating him from a precarious situation, he hires them to tend to a couple of tasks the harried businessman wishes completed. A simple and lucrative freelance job – what could go wrong?"
    • The Legends of Sinbad is a sword-and-sorcery campaign setting for the Savage Worlds game system - Kickstarter.
    • White Wolf would like you to know that there is less than a day to go in the Dark Ages: Vampire PDF Sale.
    • All-week 13th Age actual play with Rob Heinsoo - part 1 is live on GeekNation.

    Merry Christmas!

    And with that, that's me signing off for Christmas. See you on the other side!

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