RPG News for Monday, 24 Dec, 2012
  • Industry Great Stewart Wieck Passes Away At Age 49

    It is with sadness that I report that yesterday the tabletop gaming industry lost one of its giants: Stewart Wieck, who co-founded White Wolf Game Studio and co-created the World of Darkness, and who more recently helmed Nocturnal Publishing. His brother, Steve Wieck (owner of DTRPG) announced his passing on Facebook. Wieck passed away at the age of 49, collapsing after a light workout;...

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    Owlbears, Comic Sans, and Goblins in Space: A...

    For Free RPG Day 2017, Pelgrane Press distributed the TimeWatch: Font of Knowledge/13th Age: Swords Against Owlbears double feature while Paizo shared a teaser for their upcoming system, Starfinder. These products offered a taste of adventure at the perfect price point, free. Warning: This...

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    Sean's Picks of the Week (0619-0623) - GM Toolkit...

    My friend Mike Lythgoe (who I am totally stoked is getting ready to run Torg for us soon) asked for some suggestions on various sources to help Game Masters put together campaigns and run good sessions. He wanted system-agnostic stuff that would help make things go smooth (sorry, Mal). Thus was born GM Toolkit Week, a...

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  • RPG News for Monday, 24 Dec, 2012

    Announcing the Winner of Battle of the Bards 2012

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    • The Ehdrigohr Roleplaying Game Kickstarter project has launched. It's a game of epic fantasy and survival horror, based on the Fate system, and Native American traditions.
    • Tin Man Games discusses the 30th anniversary of Warlock of Firetop Mountain as the year comes to a close. You can also check out an interview with Jonathan Green, who is writing You Are The Hero, the book abut the history of the Fighting Fantasy series.
    • Kenzer has released a new Hackmaster adventure, Mugful of Mayhem, for 6th-8th level characters. "This adventure is set on the southern border of the great Kalamaran Empire abutting the tumultuous lands of Tarisato. In the border city of Balelido, the PCs rescue a young but enterprising merchant. Impressed with their adroitness at quickly extricating him from a precarious situation, he hires them to tend to a couple of tasks the harried businessman wishes completed. A simple and lucrative freelance job – what could go wrong?"
    • The Legends of Sinbad is a sword-and-sorcery campaign setting for the Savage Worlds game system - Kickstarter.
    • White Wolf would like you to know that there is less than a day to go in the Dark Ages: Vampire PDF Sale.
    • All-week 13th Age actual play with Rob Heinsoo - part 1 is live on GeekNation.

    Merry Christmas!

    And with that, that's me signing off for Christmas. See you on the other side!

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