RPG Crate Unboxing: Mythoard - October 2016
  • RPG Crate Unboxing: Mythoard - October 2016

    What exactly is in a RPG crate? This unboxing of Mythoard's RPG crate services provides some answers...as well as an overview of the rocky road that nearly sunk the service. For more information about this particular set, see here. To learn more about Mythoard see here.

    Mythoard's been going through a lot lately. On December 7, Mythoard lead Jarrod Shaw announced the service was closing up shop:

    Sometimes, we shoot for the moon. We say to ourselves, “It's high time I take the risk and try and make these ol' dreams of mine a reality.” I said that very thing to myself just about two years ago, and the result was Mythoard. The business model was entirely new to me, but the content... the content was RPGs! My lifelong hobby, whose industry was one I had always dreamed of being a part of. On November the 11th 2014, I began taking subscriptions for a new way (at least in RPGs) for players to find publishers and publishers to find audience and fans. It was exciting and turned into two of the most fulfilling, albeit at times scary and stressful, years of my life. There's no easy way to say it. Mythoard is closing its doors.

    But on Monday, December 12, things had changed for the better:

    In prime Mythoard fashion, the last few days have been a roller coaster. Since my closure email to you went out last week, the outpouring of support, sadness and understanding from Mythoard fans and subscribers has been so strong that it has attracted the attention of some solid financial partners. Partners who believe in this project and its vision. I am humbled, excited and pleased to say... Mythoard is alive!! I will continue to do what I do best, working with small press publishers and makers to bring you the best RPG boxes on the planet! High octane Mythoard is here folks, and it is entirely thanks to you all.

    What's next for Mythoard? Shaw promises more to come in 2017:

    I am going to have Mythoard #19 and #22 out the door this week. These will be followed in a few weeks by #23. Renewals will remain on pause until we are all caught up, so you will not be charged again. We have some even more exciting announcements planned within the next month, so please stay tuned!

    It looks like Mythoard's not out of the subscription game yet. In the next installment we'll interview another RPG subscription service, Dungeon Crate.

    Mike "Talien" Tresca is a freelance game columnist, author, and communicator. He received this product for free in exchange for a review. You can follow him at Patreon.
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