Roll20 Hits 2 Million Users!
  • Roll20 Hits 2 Million Users!

    Virtual Tabletop Roll20 has hit a big milestone - 2 million users! The VTT launched in April 2012 with 1,500 users. I asked Roll20's brand manager, Suzanne Wallace, what metric that was, exactly, and she confirmed that that means "The metric is 2 million Roll20 accounts, ever!" That's an astonishing number of users, and goes to show the incredible growth in online gaming. In fact, it's a sizeable percentage of the total number of people worldwide playing, for example, D&D.

    Suzanne also added in a blog post that "To grow so large in less than 5 years makes us proud and grateful to our wonderful fans. We look forward to continuing to expand our user base in many years to come! 2016 was a busy year for us. We expanded our team by three amazing people; hosted our first-ever Roll20CON; upgraded the FX tool, the API system, and the Art Library; signed a licensing deal with Wizards of the Coast and released three fully-integrated D&D 5th edition modules; and tons more—it was a blur!"

    Roll20 frequently provides its usage reports, and about half the users on the system play D&D 5E.
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    1. L R Ballard's Avatar
      L R Ballard -
      Quote Originally Posted by ddaley View Post
      Not all of the kickstarter projects (that I have backed) that offer FG support are adventures per se:

      * Book of Lairs
      * Tomb of Beasts
      * Primeval Thule
      * Into the Wintery Gale
      * Demon Cults and Secret Societies?

      Not all of these have been released, and I haven't really used the ones that have been released. So, I cannot vouch for the quality of any of them.
      I understand. Lots of neat projects on Kickstarter. Thanks again.
    1. Hawkwind -
      Quote Originally Posted by LordEntrails View Post
      Out of these 2 millions users (which is an impressive number), any idea how many unique users log in or play a game in a 30 or 60 day time period? 2 million is an impressive number, I just wonder how many they actually retain (i.e. I know I have an account, but I've never played a game on Roll20).
      I don't know about other people but i have 2 accounts on Roll20, one being a kickstarter one from some other VTT roll20 absorbed along the way. I use roll20 for playing at home hence two accounts, with the second account plug into a big TV so i can display images and maps and for play by post games and I have fantasy grounds licence to use for online games as i find fantasy grounds better for complex rule sets
    1. mflayermonk -
      Anyone have a link to a Roll20 page for people that want to develop their mod/supplement in Roll20?
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      Nylanfs -
    1. L R Ballard's Avatar
      L R Ballard -
      Quote Originally Posted by mflayermonk View Post
      Anyone have a link to a Roll20 page for people that want to develop their mod/supplement in Roll20?
      Yes, I found the page. In sum, creators need to contact Roll20 and include art in their sample submission, in order to offer "a full experience" ("Become a Creator").
    1. Lwaxy -
      As long as we do not get to the point where adventures are only available for VTT...

      In any case, R20 has so many bugs, it would be better to focus in stomping those out first before adding more stuff to it. Support for bugs is extremely slow to nonexistent - I see a lot of people never getting any response on the bug forum and waiting for a solution to my own issue for months. So before you shell out money for an upgraded the bug forums closely and see if any of the issues cropping up more or less constantly would hold back your enjoyment.
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