Loren Wiseman RIP
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  • Loren Wiseman RIP

    Family and industry friends are reporting that seminal game designer Loren Wiseman has passed away. The exact cause of death is not yet known, but he has had long term health issues.

    Wiseman co-founded Game Designers' Workshop with Frank Chadwick, Rich Banner, and Marc Miller in 1973, and co-designed Traveller with Marc Miller and others. After GDW closed in the mid-90s, Wiseman joined Steve Jackson Games and ended up developing and writing the GURPS edition of Traveller for them. He was the "Traveller Guru" for Steve Jackson Games until the GURPS Traveller line was discontinued in 2015.

    In 2003 Wiseman was inducted into the Origins Hall of Fame.
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    1. darjr's Avatar
      darjr -
      RIP. Sad day.
    1. EltonJ's Avatar
      EltonJ -
      Yes, it is a sad day.
    1. JeffB's Avatar
      JeffB -

      Another RPG fore-father gone. Owned many a GDW book with his name on it.
    1. Water Bob's Avatar
      Water Bob -
      Loved his work. Still love Traveller.

      AD&D was my first introduction to roleplaying. Traveller, my second. I still have my original Starter Traveller set.

      Sad day, indeed.
    1. billd91's Avatar
      billd91 -
      Traveller may not have been the first RPG I played (that was the Holmes edition D&D) but it was the first one I bought.
    1. madrivi's Avatar
      madrivi -
      One of my first non-D&D books, loved the detail.

    1. HighlanderFrodie's Avatar
      HighlanderFrodie -
      Rest in Peace
    1. emssmiley2002's Avatar
      emssmiley2002 -
      Man hate to hear this. Loved Twilight 2000, still play it today.
    1. Ragnar_Deerslayer's Avatar
      Ragnar_Deerslayer -
      I worked the SJGames booth with him at DragonCon back around 2000. I had some good conversations with him. RIP.
    1. Caliburn101's Avatar
      Caliburn101 -
      GDW were great back in the day - sad to see him go so early...
    1. Vymair's Avatar
      Vymair -
      I played a lot of Traveller, it was the first sci-fi RPG I ever played. I haven't played it in years, but always appreciated the IP. RIP.
    1. Narl's Avatar
      Narl -
      Ad Astra, Mr. Wiseman.
    1. nightwind1's Avatar
      nightwind1 -
      A 21 FGMP-15 salute to Loren...
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