(ENN) Ranger Games release Arvan: Land of Dragons World Setting
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  • (ENN) Ranger Games release Arvan: Land of Dragons World Setting

    Ranger Games Publishing have released a gritty sword & sorcery style high fantasy setting for the Dice & Glory RPG by Robert Neri Jr. Arvan: The Land of Dragons is a 300+ page book available in PDF now, and in print through the companies Lulu store later in March or the beginning of April.

    Arvan: The Land of Dragons centers on the Age of Adventure and a burgeoning international trade and era of conquest. As well as the reclamation of territory from the supernatural forces that have dominated it for so long and which had resulted from an extended Dark Age of Mad Mage-Lords and Dark Warlords. In the East an ancient empire struggles to slow its disintegration into smaller feudal princedoms as its central theocracy seizes power for itself also trying to focus the chaos on the empires former colonies in the West. Power is up for grabs for those willing to seize it.

    The world’s technology level hovers between the late Iron Age and the High Middle Ages. No “Tolkienesque” classical player races exist with Arboreans (tree-men), Amazons, Fauns, Ratlings, Naga, Unicorns, and Hill-Giants instead. Of course, there are still human beings. The world of Eu, the planet on which the setting of Arvan exists, has a healthy dose of dark mystery with patina of medieval grit with realistic underpinnings established of the fantasy of the world to exist on. Inspirations include ancient Rome, Greece, the ancient Americas, as well as Warring States Era China, with some influence from ancient Africa and the Celts lore and history of Europe not to mention Ancient Greece.

    The setting focuses on an “Age of Adventure” wherein the players and their characters can explore and engage the world with freedom and have a chance of making a mark on the world of Eu and its history, should game campaigns run into the long term. The focus of the setting is adventure, however that may be defined at the table, be it raiding and pillage, thievery, monster hunting, dragon-slaying, establishing trade routes, exploration or conquest.

    This setting was nearly 10 years in the writing and evolved after several years of role-play. The history of Eu and its cultures were constructed to provide a deep background for fantasy games that may stay as standard and shallow as they please, or take a deep dive into the people and places of the fantasy world.

    More information can be found on the Ranger Games Publishing website.
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