Preview the Persephone Class III Freighter From The WOIN Starship Recognition Manual
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  • Preview the Persephone Class III Freighter From The WOIN Starship Recognition Manual

    Coming later this year is the Starship Recognition Manual for the What's OLD is NEW roleplaying game system. Below you can see a short preview - the first two pages of the entry for the Persephone Class III Freighter. Each ship gets detailed, loving treatment, with illustrations, plans, variations, background history, even some fiction. The Starship Recognition Manual contains dozens of ships, from small freighters to colossal cruisers and battleships, along with rules for older (discounted) ships, trading, flaws, and Captain Wrigley's Starship Emporium, a sample used starship dealer based on Tartarus Station in The Cauldron sector.

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