STARFINDER Minis & Starship Combat Demo
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  • STARFINDER Minis & Starship Combat Demo

    There were a couple of Starfinder updates from Paizo last night. First off, Paizo has announced a range of Starfinder miniatures which will be produced by Ninja Division Publishing. These will be prepainted minis for both characters and starships. Secondly, the Starfinder starship combat system was previewed by designer Jason Bulmahn at the GAMA trade show (image of that below - no other info, I'm afraid!) Those following along with the Starfinder news probably already know that the game releases August 2017, and that the core rulebook has been available for preorder since January.

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    1. smiteworks's Avatar
      smiteworks -
      That certainly brings back fond memories of Spelljammer.
    1. DarthPanic's Avatar
      DarthPanic -
      great news!
    1. Von Ether's Avatar
      Von Ether -
      Prepainted starships? Go on.
    1. spiggs18's Avatar
      spiggs18 -
      I must say starfinder is looking more and more interesting.
    1. Ranger REG -
      d20 Future lives on!
    1. Hawkwind -
      another 2-d space combat game? I feel nostalgic for Mayday at least that game attempted to get the physics right
    1. Morrus's Avatar
      Morrus -
      Quote Originally Posted by Hawkwind View Post
      another 2-d space combat game? I feel nostalgic for Mayday at least that game attempted to get the physics right
      I haven't played many, to be sure, but I've not played a tabletop starship game which used the third dimension which really added to the game; I've always found it slows things down, looks clumsy on the table, and doesn't really increase my enjoyment. Like I said, though, I haven't played them all!

      I do like newtonian physics in games - turning circles based on speed, momentum unless you change it, that sort of thing, as long as it doesn't get too much like geometry homework.
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