Keep Your Powder Dry! Part 3: Industrial Firepower [5E]
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  • Keep Your Powder Dry! Part 3: Industrial Firepower [5E]

    New on EN5ider, the 5th Edition Patreon! In the third part of your Keep Your Powder Dry Series, we take a look at industrial firepower - the weapons from the 18th and early 20th centuries. New 5E weapon properties include capacity, chain fire, and double-action are joined by the new weapons - the carbine, pepperbox pistol and rifle, pocket pistol, revolver, and rifle. Finally, we include new feats such as Greased Lightning and Mounted Musketeer. By Walt Ciechanowski; illustrated by Tamara Cvetkovic.

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    1. mdusty -
      Can I post questions here? Under Double-Action weapon property, it states that creatures with Extra Attack or Multiattack do not suffer disadvantage on the second attack. Is that because they may use their Extra Attack to get off the second attack with no disadvantage? Or can they attack twice with it as an action, no disadvantage on the second attack, then attack twice again using their Extra Attack and still get no disadvantage on the second (now fourth) attack?
    1. Morrus's Avatar
      Morrus -
      You can definitely ask here! I'll page @Jumblejacks!
    1. Jumblejacks's Avatar
      Jumblejacks -
      The intent is that characters with Extra Attack get a second attack anyway, meaning that the Double-Action property doesn't do anything for them. They can Extra Attack as normal. The Double-Action property is mainly a boon to characters who don't "naturally" get an Extra Attack.
    1. mdusty -
      Excellent, that's what I had assumed, but I wanted to clarify. I have a fighter in my group that uses guns and I know the question will come up once I introduce this weapon property. Thanks!
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