(KS) Drive Your Friends Insane with Cthulhu Mythos Book Badges!!!
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  • (KS) Drive Your Friends Insane with these Cthulhu Mythos Book Badges!!!

    It’s not always as obvious to spot a fellow cultists as just keeping an eye out to see the deformities hidden away under woollen cloaks, or the dribbling, or listening to the mad spontaneous ramblings and shrieks of Ia! Ia! Cthulhu fhtagn! Some cultists, and indeed investigators of such affairs, can almost pass as undetected and as normal as anyone else. That’s where these badges come in handy…

    Triple Ace Games, once again identifying the need for such relics due to Wiggy mistakeningly introducing himself to what he though was a fellow cultists that ended up just being a Shetland fisherman, and Robin having more than once mistakenly identified just a normal West Country resident, have designed the Cthulhu Mythos Book Badges.

    This set of five soft enamel badges will help identify you to other scholars of elder lore, or fellow gibbering cultists, by discreetly pinning them to your lapel, jacket, hate or dice bag. Each badge features one of the most infamous Cthulhu Mythos books ever read (not written mind you, as several texts were deemed just too great for the human mind and drove the authors insane after their unintelligible ramblings and drawings of what look like ducks…lots of ducks) apart from the Cthulhu Cultist Badge which shows the Great Old One’s likeness.

    The five badges on offer are:

    Necromonicon Book Badge
    Unausspechilichen Kulten Book Badge
    King in Yellow Book Badge
    Cultes des Goules Book Badge
    Cthulhu Cultist Badge

    The Cthulhu Mythos Book Badges Kickstarter by Triple Ace Games is running until Wednesday 29th March.
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