(KS) World Engine : Web Based Map-Making System now on Kickstarter!
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  • (KS) World Engine : Web Based Map-Making System now on Kickstarter!

    World Engine is an easy-to-use, web-based, map-making tool that will let you create jaw-dropping maps quickly and easily. It’s by Mesa Mundi Inc (the makers of D20PRO) and is now live on Kickstarter until Thursday 13th April.

    What is World Engine?
    World Engine is the awesome, online RPG map maker you’ve always wanted.

    World Engine lets you seamlessly combine freehand drawing and tile-based painting tools. The application runs in your browser on virtually any device – and because World Engine is designed from scratch for touch, all its capabilities are being optimized with touch and stylus in mind.

    Creating great looking maps for your campaign has never been this simple or fun. Build your maps, export them for print or use inside your favorite virtual tabletop and get playing your game!

    What can it do?
    World Engine will let you create jaw-dropping maps quickly and easily – without requiring you to be a graphic artist.

    World Engine supports all the mapping features you’d expect – pens, brushes, fills, layers, snap to grid, scaling, rotating – and more. It also provides the advanced tools that artists need to take their maps to the next level.

    Making great maps requires solid building blocks. World Engine comes with a built-in library of hundreds of high-quality pre-made tiles, textures, and objects to build truly unique maps for your campaign.

    But if that isn’t enough, World Engine’s marketplace puts an ever-expanding library of premium art from top fantasy artists at your disposal.

    If you can imagine it, World Engine will let you build it.

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    1. unknowable's Avatar
      unknowable -
      :S that is expensive for the results it gives. Topping that the controls look really under developed.
    1. grimjack2600's Avatar
      grimjack2600 -
      Just want to point out that this a kickstarter specifically to do development, so yes, the current controls are underdeveloped -- in fact, they are under development!
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