'The Road Goes Ever On' cover revealed for Adventures in Middle-earth!
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  • 'The Road Goes Ever On' cover revealed for Adventures in Middle-earth!

    Cubicle 7 have unveiled this fantastic Sam Manley cover for The Road Goes Ever On, a future release for theAdventures in Middle-earth 5E setting.

    The Road Goes Ever On is a beautiful collection of 4large format, double sided journey maps for Adventures in middle-earth, along with a 32 page supplement packed with setting information, rules and guidance on making the most of your journyes.

    The Road Goes Ever On is anticipated as a 2017 release. It contains information first seen in Journeys and Maps for The One Ring Roleplaying Game, along with new material specific to the 5e rules.
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      This is Cubicle 7 quality. Dominic McDowall has done a great job with C7 and their products. On par and often beyond Fantasy Flight Games, without the price-gouging and basic rules spread across a bunch of pricey books.
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