Take A Peek At These Official STARFINDER Miniatures!
  • Take A Peek At These Official STARFINDER Miniatures!

    With the caveat that these sculpts are not final (and, of course, the finals will be pre-painted), these official Starfinder miniatures from Ninja Division will be sold in a single, or two sets, with the price as yet undetermined. Characters and monsters have round bases, while starships have hexagonal bases. Even if you don't want to play Starfinder, these look like a great resource for any sci-fi game in the way that WotC's pre-painted plastic Star Wars minis were.

    First off, the Envoy, Mechanic, Drone, and Solarion.

    And here we have a selection of starships.
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    1. Imaculata's Avatar
      Imaculata -
      These look awesome. One of my players is planning to kick off a 3.5 sci-fi campaign, and these could come in handy.
    1. Dannyalcatraz's Avatar
      Dannyalcatraz -
      I like some, dislike others. That probably means they're doing it right.
    1. chibi graz'zt's Avatar
      chibi graz'zt -
      What's star finder and why does it need mini's?
    1. Morrus's Avatar
      Morrus -
      Quote Originally Posted by chibi graz'zt View Post
      What's star finder
      Pathfinder-based science fantasy RPG from Paizo. All the coverage you could need here:


      and why does it need mini's?
      Same reason any other tabletop RPG might, I suppose.
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