Green Ronin Publishing To Launch Fiction Line
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  • Green Ronin Publishing To Launch Fiction Line

    Green Ronin Publishing have announced the creation of a new fiction line to debut this year. Headed by Jaym Gates (Strange California anthology, Eclipse Phase: After the Fall) Green Ronin aim to include novels, anthologies, and both stand-alone and serialized short fiction, tied to the rich worlds of many of their tabletop roleplaying properties. Early releases will include fiction set in the romantic fantasy world of Aldea from the Blue Rose Roleplaying Game and tales of superheroic adventures set in the world of Earth-Prime from Mutants & Masterminds.

    As part of this fiction launch, Green Ronin has come to an agreement with author and editor C.A. Suleiman to publish and distribute his previously existing fiction anthology Tales of the Lost Citadel in electronic and deluxe print formats. Tales of the Lost Citadel will be the first release for the new fiction imprint.
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