RPG Crowdfunding News 045: Forest Kingdom, Apocalypse the Risen, Ministry & Mordavia, Sword’s Edge, Kintaro Starship Map & Miniature
  • RPG Crowdfunding News 045: Forest Kingdom, Apocalypse the Risen, Ministry & Mordavia, Sword’s Edge, Kintaro Starship Map & Miniature

    Welcome back to our weekly look at tabletop roleplaying game, and accessories, crowdfunding roundup! Each week we’ll be looking at a few campaigns currently running that have caught our eye as well as occasionally speaking to some of the creators about their campaigns, or looking at some of the ‘behind the scenes’ business aspects of putting together, launching, operating and then delivering a crowdfunded project. If you have anything you’d like us to cover, or questions about anything we talk about, please don’t hesitate to leave a comment or contact me directly.

    Forest Kingdom Campaign Compendium for Pathfinder and 5E by Legendary Games

    (Campaign Ends : Tuesday 25th April 2017; 05:00 UTC)

    The Forest Kingdom Campaign Compendium is a collection of adventures, magic, monsters, new rules, and a lot more for fey and forest themed campaigns using Pathfinder and 5E rules. This is a hardback adventure accessory that will take you from the “misty boreal taiga of the cold northern reaches to wondrous glades of enchanting fey beauty”.

    The book comes with two complete wilderness adventures (Cold Mountain and Horns of the Hunted), over 50 new spells and magic items, three dozen new character options (including new sorcerer bloodlines, cavalier orders, feats, archetypes, etc), over 30 new fey and forest monsters (such as he boreal wight, stromkarl nixie and chernobog), eight ready-to-ply pre-generated characters with detailed histories, and rules for fey-themed haunts and integrating fey into your campaign.

    The Forest Kingdom Campaign Compendium has combined Legendary Games entire River Kings product line into a single volume, reedited and polished up and enhanced it by adding a bunch of new bonus content. The campaign has been doing very so far and has already unlocked a wealth of bonus content.

    Apocalypse the Risen RPG (5E / 5th Edition & Pathfinder) by Rusted Portal Games

    (Campaign Ends : Friday 28th April 2017; 05:30 UTC)

    Apocalypse the Risen has ‘risen’ once more (forgive the obvious pun) after Rusted Portal Games unsuccessfully tried to fund their initial campaign last year. They went away, revised their goals and managed to drop their initial ‘funded goal’ down to $10,000 (which they’ve already surpassed in this new campaign) and have held a successful relaunch.

    I was a backer of the original campaign as I love the idea behind the campaign and the artwork is fantastic. I’m very pleased to see that they’ve already funded with plenty of time still to go to start ticking off those stretch goals.

    The game itself is for 5E and Pathfinder and is set 25 years after ‘The Rise’ on Earth, creating a post-apocalyptic fantasy horror setting.

    Apocalypse the Risen Campaign Setting is a post-apocalyptic fantasy horror RPG based on Earth, twenty-five years after the fall of society, in an event known as the Rise; when demons rose to power and the Risen dead first appeared. This game is being offered in both Dungeon and Dragons 5th Edition and Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Compatible system formats.

    Apocalypse the Risen thrusts you into the role of a resolute survivor, forging through the ashes of humanity on an Earth besieged by demons and the dead—known as Risen. Twenty-five years after the collapse of society, humankind and their new allies now fight back. You are a survivor of the Light battling the forces of Darkness.

    Players in this world take on the role of a hunter relied upon by your colony for resources and protection. You may be human or one of three other races new to Earth. Your colony is your home and responsibility, but soon you may discover the world smaller and filled with even more wonder than you could imagine.

    Channels cut through the ether quickly spanning great distances, shortening travel and adding to discovery. Darklands form in places of great sorrow or suffering. Supernatural energy and radiation twist and collide in great storms sweeping across the landscape. You stand against demons, Risen, mutated beasts, and desperate people who look to destroy those you love.

    Leagues of Gothic Horror: Ministry & Mordavia books and Dice by Triple Ave Games Ltd

    (Campaign Ends : Wednesday 19th April 2017; 06:59 UTC)

    Triple Ace Games have become no strangers to Kickstarter, having run numerous successful campaigns to fund their roleplaying games, dice and card games. This latest campaign is for tow supplements for their Leagues of Gothic Horror roleplaying game that uses the award-winning Ubiquity system (Hollow Earth Expeditions; Space: 1889).

    Both books are comic book sized (6.69” x 9.61”) softcover and 64-pages in length.

    First up is the Guide To The Ministry of Unusual Affairs.

    While it publicly scoffs at the notion of the occult, the British government is not entirely ignorant of its presence. Working behind the scenes to safeguard the Empire from diabolical magicians, perverse cults, and supernatural creatures, not to mention crazed weird scientists, is the Ministry of Unusual Affairs.

    Inside you'll discover the centuries-long history of the Ministry, tour the many departments responsible for fighting evil, explore how to borrow contents from the Ministry's fabled Collection, and be taught how to cover up supernatural occurrences for reasons of public safety. You'll even get to meet some of the many agents who defend Great Britain and her colonies against supernatural threats.

    The second book on offer in this campaign is the Guide To Mordavia: Land of Horror.

    Nestled in the mountains of Eastern Europe, the small Duchy of Mordavia is a land where the supernatural is very real. From foreboding forests to crumbling castles, remote hamlets to the gas-lit capital itself, every nook and cranny holds a dark secret, as do the people who dwell in this accursed land.

    Every location and major character will be written up as a place of horror and villain respectively, providing the Gamemaster with dozens of potential adventures. However, every major character will also have an alternate background that presents a non-villainous side. For instance, a lord who has had multiple wives all die suddenly may be a serial killer (his villainous default) or a victim of repeated bad luck (wives have died from disease, in childbirth, etc.).

    Which aspect is the real one in YOUR campaign will be up to YOU to decide.

    The book details the natives and customs of Mordavia, provides an expansive gazetteer of spooky locales, includes profiles for some of the more notable inhabitants and wicked cults, and gives the Gamemaster dozens of adventure seeds.

    A third book, The Guide to Walking Dead, might also be added through stretch goals.

    Sword’s Edge, the Tabletop Role-Playing Game by Fraser Ronald

    (Campaign Ends : Thursday 20th April 2017; 15:49 UTC)

    Sword’s Edge is a light roleplaying game system that has powered the indie games Sword Noir and Kiss My Axe in the past. This updated version runs faster while keeping the customization that popular in its earlier incarnations.

    “Do you want to protect the innocent villagers from the rampaging orcs? Rob the vaults of the East India Company on its secret island fortress? Get into a showdown with an ornery clan out by the corral? Hunt down terrorists in a failing Central Asian republic? Or seek out new planets and the new life that might be on them? These are all stories that can be told with Sword's Edge. ”

    Characters in Sword's Edge are made up of Qualities, which are short descriptive words or phrases. These Qualities each have a rank which provides a bonus to die rolls when the player can explain how the Qualities apply to the action the character is taking.

    When attempting an action which could have an interesting outcome, the player rolls two ten-sided dice, adds the bonuses from the character's Qualities, and then compares that to a target number to decide both if the character succeeded and how well the character succeeded.

    The use of descriptions rather than set skills or traits allows for greater customization and flexibility. While characters are always better in their niche or specialty, that doesn't mean they can't succeed outside of that, allowing even a fast-talker to have some influence in a scene of combat.

    Kintaro: Starship Map Poster & Miniature by Ryan White

    (Campaign Ends : Friday 28th April 2017; 04:55 UTC)

    Ryan White has returned with his latest Starship Map Poster + Miniature’ project which has prvided a popular format in the past. Ryan offers up a double sided 24’ x 36’ deckplan poster alongside a matching resin miniature of the featured ship. Of course you can just go for the map (and related booklet about the craft) in PDF or the physical map or ship separately or as a bundle.

    This time round we are presented with the Kintaro.

    The Kintaro deckplans are provided on one side of a full color, 24x36 inch poster. They are drawn to a 1 inch equals 5 ft scale and have a subtle 1 inch grid built into the floor.

    The luxury Kintaro-class yacht is built to maximize speed, style, and comfort. It utilizes cutting edge artificial intelligence and automation technologies to minimize crew size and maximize performance. For your guests, the Kintaro class features opulent staterooms, well-appointed dining facilities, and even a swimming pool. Whether you are setting a new speed record or just drifting through the void, your trip will be first class from start to finish.

    On the back of the poster is the Tachikaze interceptor. This variant features fewer amenities but has increased fire power and keeps all of the speed. With a shuttle for boarding duties, a brig for prisoner transport, and an advance sensor suite in place of the swimming pool, this speed demon is all business.

    The Tachikaze map can be used to represent either a police interceptor or a military hunter killer. In the latter case the sensor array equipment instead represents the base of a spinal mounted rail gun.


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    Until next week, have fun and happy gaming!

    Angus Abranson
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    1. JTorres -
      I'm intrigued by the The Forest Kingdom Campaign Compendium, but I'm not familiar with Legendary Games. Does anyone know if Legendary Games has a good track record with 5e? Is their 5e material fairly balanced? Or is mostly quick-and-dirty conversions of Pathfinder material?
    1. timbolton's Avatar
      timbolton -
      TAG are so close now to funding their current Leagues of Gothic Horror kickstater supplements, Ministry of Unusual Affairs/Mordavia: Land of Horror/Leagues of Gothic Horror Dice.

      To sweeten the deal they have added all sorts of benefits over the last few days, if you were undecided before. The most recent, this morning, was...

      "Everyone who pledges at a level that includes stretch goals will get the Guide to Walking Dead in PDF format. The book is written and laid out already. Since the funding isn't there for art, the only art in the supplement will be placeholder art - that is a few pieces of art repeated. IF we can fund art later, you'll get a revised version at no cost. Basically, stick with us and you're guaranteed to get the stretch goal!"

      But prior to that was the inclusion of the main rulebooks as PDF for both Leagues of Adventure and Leagues of Gothic Horror (I think there is one KS level that is excluded from that offer) and lots of bundle offers to get the previously published and kickstarted items.

      Check it out here - https://www.kickstarter.com/projects...-mordavia-boo/
    1. emssmiley2002's Avatar
      emssmiley2002 -
      I sure hope your going to cover Kenzerco's release of Aces & Eights Reloaded, soon
    1. timbolton's Avatar
      timbolton -
      The TAG KS has hit its funding goal, so anyone else wanting to join has a few days left
    1. AngusA's Avatar
      AngusA -
      Quote Originally Posted by emssmiley2002 View Post
      I sure hope your going to cover Kenzerco's release of Aces & Eights Reloaded, soon
      Yes, they are down to cover over the next few weeks
    1. Elf_flambe's Avatar
      Elf_flambe -
      Quote Originally Posted by JTorres View Post
      I'm intrigued by the The Forest Kingdom Campaign Compendium, but I'm not familiar with Legendary Games. Does anyone know if Legendary Games has a good track record with 5e? Is their 5e material fairly balanced? Or is mostly quick-and-dirty conversions of Pathfinder material?
      I was interested in their KS as well. I've been reading reviews of some of their 5e conversions on DTRPG, and there are several comments about Pathfinder text and/or stat blocks left in 5e docs, or remaining PF flavor. It seems to me their focus is Pathfinder material, and 5e is a distant second priority. So I think I'll give their Forest Kingdom Campaign Compendium a miss. A pity, as it seemed to have some potentially interesting material, but heavily PF flavored and not well-balanced or designed for 5e. Slap dash conversion is how it appears as I read more. YMMV.
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